Women are the original money managers

It use to be that men were the sole bread winners and women were responsible for the house and anything else that may have required action from someone else other than the man: cooking, cleaning, planning the kids pool party. What never made sense to me was that the woman was responsible for paying the bills and balancing the checkbook. So the man worked for the money, and the woman managed it? Yet and still, we as women fear finance. My mother to this day handles all of the household bills.

As women, we were the initial budget makers. We were the accountants of the house, the financial planners and insurance agents. Essentially, the money monitors. We knew exactly what was coming in, where it should go and where it actually ended up. If the house was a corporation, then we were the CFO’s (chief financial officers). Unfortunately, as women, we still are shy when it comes to managing and making money. The practice of paying women less than men for the same position is still going on today. I admit, that I was grossly outnumbered and, at times, intimidated in my investment classes.

Where does this disparity come from? Why have we not evolved into the financial geniuses that life was preparing us for? With the continuous application of any talent or skill should come some level of proficiency, right?

I feel in most instances women are stereotyped as one type of woman (smart, tomboy, simple) and any type of behavior that does not fit this mold is discouraged by either the woman herself or someone with influencing power. If women of the fifties and just years passed in general would have developed upon their money management skills (and shared with their girlfriends) then maybe we would be those geniuses or at least more prepared to face the financial crisis’ that we as a population may be facing today.

Suze Orman, noted and esteemed financial advisor and definitely a financially fit woman, said it best, “women [who] become involved with money and learn how to make wise financial decisions, …become stronger, happier people”. She goes on to say, “By encouraging the women in your life to become active in the family finances; by being open to exploring the current money dynamics you have with your woman and making necessary changes; and by encouraging your sisters, mothers, and female friends to step up to the plate and, without blame or shame, finally get involved with money, you’ll be committing the an amazing act of love and support“.

I find it inspiring and uplifting to to see women like Suze making it their mission to talk about money and to get other females doing the same thing. For this reason alone, I like to showcase them weekly. I am looking for women that are financially fit in their regular day to day so that I can honor them here as well. Ladies, let’s liberate and educate ourselves. Send me an email at somoney@missnewmoney.com and tell me what (or who) is holding your success back and how you are or are preparing to be a financially fabulous woman.

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