Meet MNM

Eye on Miss New Money?

Like most people, I did not know the first thing about money except how to spend it. And spend it I did! I had a ton of material things to show for the laborious hours I worked at this job or that one. As I grew older, I noticed financial instruments more closely. Things like interest bearing savings accounts were starting points for me. It made sense that instead of spending everything I earned I could place some of it in a bank account and receive more money for simply leaving it there. My new mission became to accumulate as many unearned dollars as I possibly could. I could literally sit there, maxin’ and relaxin’, and earn money!Where do I sign up?”

When I sought advice on how to save and or invest my money, my income level was too low or my risk tolerance too high. I was once again lost and discouraged about this whole idea. Then, as if a message from above finally reached me, a revelation occurred: If you can not seek help, create your own. I knew that I was not the only one in this situation: looking to increase ones personal wealth but did not know where to begin.

The research that I did find was not easily applicable to me. I had to tweak and reduce the numbers to fit my current situation. When it comes to a financial plan, one size does not fit all. While I did not eliminate frivolous spending as others may tell you, I still found enough capital to increase my personal wealth and still buy those cute new pumps!

My Two Loves

I love fashion and everything about it. I also happen to be mad for finance! I love learning and applying finance techniques that increase my wealth. And I love the style that comes along with the fashion world as well. So why not combine the two things that I am most passionate about and become a finanshionista?

If you were to stumble upon an article that reads “25 Ways to Make Fashion Affordable”, you would stop and read it right? I would! Well how about we take the same time and efforts to research and understand  how to make money, how to spend wisely, on how to live now for a financially free future. Miss New Money: Making Finance Fashionable

What I do when I’m not writing

Having graduated suma cum laude from Drexel University with a BS in Finance, I am currently pursuing my I recently graduated with an MBA in Investment Management and Entrepreneurship. During the day I teach high school students about the importance of financial literacy and money management.

I have founded an Investment Club, a professional tax firm and a host of other side hustles to keep my cash flow, flowing.

Originally from NYC, I currently reside in Philadelphia, PA.


4 Responses

  1. Like the blog! Hope you’re able to keep up with blogging better than I have :(. And yes, I can’t sleep at 2:30 am in the morning and I’m reading your blog…lol.

  2. “Miss New Money”! came across this site randomly… love it! we should meet up, would love to hear all about the details from the source….

  3. I like what you are doing. Keep it up! I have a question though, being a human being thus being utility maximizer, how do you maintain a constant velocity of transactions (purchasing fashionable clothing) when the economy suffers a recession not diverging your disposable income away from your necessities? Assuming that this occupation risk has elevated, along with prices. Also assuming that interest have been suppressed due to an increase in the quantity of money.

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