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Stay tuned!


“Excuse me, Would you like some Pixie Dust?”


Where dreams do come true!

This weekend I went to the happiest place on Earth….Disney World! As a first timer, I did as the regulars do: Ride the Dumbo ride, dance with Goofy, and pretend you’re a Princess for the day.  It was all in celebration of my favorite (and only) niece’s third birthday …

Happy Birthday!

She was a little star struck!

This will be in my house somehow, somewhere...

Oh, and we fed the Gators!"When in Rome..."

Yes – Please continue“. All of this is said to distract you from the fact that I have taken an almost five month hiatus from blogging. I was getting my life together Missy. And boy was I.

I got a new job (“HALLELUJAH!”) and am starting a new side career (more on that later). I’ve been decorating my house (“It ‘s so pretty!”). I’ve been working out (“Just getting ripped“). I’ve been fixing things in my house (“So it isn’t broken, you just had to turn the handle you say?”). And, I’ve been traveling (“Disney! SPEED!!!!”). Life has been good to me.

But how I have missed blogging. You’ll see some different things around here lately. I’ve had a ton of ideas being tossed around over the last few months so this officially kicks of the experimentation phase of the blog. I’ve tried a lot of things. But a lot of those things were concepts that worked on other sites that I’d hoped would work here. Turns out they didn’t because I wasn’t feeling them. So….I’m-a do ME!

I’ve always had big plans for this site but let life and laziness get in the way. No Mas! (That means ‘No more’ for my uni-lingual Misses) It’s a new day, a new dawn and I’m feeling motivated!

The year really started off well. Yes – I made resolutions and set goals for the new year and was so amazed that I meant the biggest one of all within the first two weeks. Plenty more to come on that one!

Thank you to all my Misses who continually checked the site for updates! Please continue to read and post comments as you feel fit. I am here to continually entertain and educate YOU!

Still working on Thanksgiving Leftovers

The Turkey - He lost his skin in the process but was still the best Turkey EVER!

The table - While not every plate matched, it was the perfect table setting

Ok. So I know Thanksgiving has come and gone and people are ready to start charging celebrating the Christmas Season, but I have share some of my Thanksgiving memories with you all. It was my first Thanksgiving as a host and cooking the Turkey. Here are a few shots of my house and all of the eatable decorations (Pears make for a lovely centerpiece).

An intimate view of the table...


Lemon/Vanilla Pound Cake...Yummm...

Pomegranate Jello: Take #2

Now – we can get ready for Christmas!

Livin’ for the Lifestyle

Is it the same as living for the money? As a kid, you usually dream about how you want your life to look when you get older. Fancy cars, fancy home, luxurious everything. At least I did. I was gonna be the black Malibu Barbie. At the time I had no idea where Malibu was but Barbie and Skipper made it look like THE place to be. I got older, watched more tv, read more books and magazines and saw how others where living. I still think that after grad school, I’ll be able to move back to NYC and be Carrie B.

Almost two weeks after college graduation and unfortunately I am no where near a flat in the City. I’m moving to a boulevard (a Boulevard?!?!) far away from the gum laden sidewalks of my hometown. And I’m taking on a live in mate, my boyfriend, to share in some of these dreaded expenses.

On my journey to spiritual wholeness (see what you missed!?) I picked up Joel Osteen’s Live Your Best Life Now (instant gratification).  In it he writes that a person should not be afraid to be a champion in life and move out of poverty, that the Lord doesn’t mind it.  In fact, that is what the Lord wants for you: to be better than those ancestors before you and to grow your wealth. I guess the Lord figures more for him right??? (Is that blasphemous?)

Anywho, the point I’m making is that I am conflicted. In a previous post I spoke on the finance-centric movement that is making its way across musical genres and down the streets of Wall Street. “I’m gettin’ money” is a classic reverence of many, both the rich and broke (a paradox in itself). From what I understand, it’s all about obtaining the more and more (greed) so you can buy nice things and live, what looks to be, a fabulous life.

Well I’d like to get some money.

And yes, it’s so I can buy stuff. But it is also so that I can live a financially free life. However, the two ideals do not follow the same paths.

But I shouldn’t feel guilty for wanting things and to want to live a better life. To steal a line from Bob Fosse and the cast of Chicago, “[I] can like the life [I’m] living [or I] can live the life [i’d] like”.  It’s kind of an “either/or” deal, isn’t it? Bummer…..

Did you miss me?

Hola!!!! So Miss New Money has returned to fill the empty void in all my finanshinoistas hearts! I apologize for not informing you earlier but I took a much needed vacation to the land of Mexico!! And fell completely off track. But much has happened in my absence. From a failing economy to new inspiration delivered from our President-Elect.

Though my schedule has been hectic, it does not excuse my sebaticle from writing and bringing new thoughts and knowledge to my readers. I do myself an injustice by neglecting the things that are important to me and putting in my all for others.

With that said, you can look forward to a NEW Miss New Money, with NEW content and NEW pages. Stay blessed and stay financially fashionable. ‘Cause broke is SO NOT MONEY!!!

A little more NaCl than usual

Sorry for the absence without leave. But a lot has changed since then. Well for starters, I am officially one year older from when I wrote the last post. Flatteringly enough, a guest speaker mistook me for one of my students on a field trip the other day. They are all in the 11th and 12th grades. So hopefully I can maintain the benefits of having found the fountain of youth and always remain six years younger. My beau also aged a year, but four days after I. What can I say! I have a thing for younger men!

I also went into the ocean for the very first time. We went to the beach (my beau and I) with friends to celebrate our birthdays. Now I never went in the ocean before because I was extremely fearful of all the little ocean creatures touching me, and grabbing me and possibly stinging me. So I respected their space and stayed on the sand. This time to the beach was different. I was brought in (against my will) and eased into the ocean. The sand was rocky hard and water was extremely salty. I wasn’t the only one who noticed there was a little more NaCl than usual.

I got another job! This time I am working at my school library. A laid back opportunity that will allow me to study and get some work done while bringing in extra cash. I decided that all the money I make from this job is going to go towards my credit cards. I’ve got that total balance down to $1400. I could make due without another job. But I wanted to bring in more money to speed up the process of paying down debt and increasing assets. While there the other day, I realized also that by working at two jobs and class at night, I’ve really gained a deeper appreciation of the ethics behind “working hard”. Now this may sound weird, but hear me out. I’ve never really had to work hard at anything. Part of it comes from me just being fabulous and good (or mediocre) at all that I did. However, the other part (and I think this is the biggest part) was that when things got hard, that was my cue to quit or walk away. Convince myself that I did not want what I had been working towards. And in the end, I’ve been cheating myself out of great opportunities. No regrets though. I can only move forward.

And in sadder news. I had to come to the realization that my investment club was floundering. Participation rates were dwindling, with the relocations of many, new jobs etc. and the club was getting the attention form each partner as it deserved. It will rise again, just with a different and more dedicated following. It definitely was a learning lesson and at this point that is all I can ask for.

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