Finance Friday: ‘I Do’, but…

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge

I started this post during the royal wedding craze and was inspired by the ceremony and spiritual meaning behind the joining of two lives – but more so by the extravagant arrangements and jaw dropping costs. Reports estimate the royal wedding costs anywhere from $30 million to $70 million, with Brits footing the bill for security.  With an average US wedding costing close to $30,000 – peanuts to The Duke and Duchess I’m sure – most couples spend their honeymoon phase paying for that one special day.

Tia Mowry and Cory Hardrict

Ramit Sethi of I Will Teach You To Be Rich  suggests a foreign concept in his book by the same name (see Chapter 9: A Rich Life). Start to save for your wedding as soon as possible. Whether you are single or engaged, on the hunt or playing the field, if marriage is something you eventually see for yourself, why not start saving for the day now. I am willing to put in the upfront  leg work to have the wedding my future husband and I want. OK– I tried to include him but let’s be real, the wedding I want.

New Parents: Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon

This isn’t Project Husband, where you plan a wedding without a partner. But the concept and application of saving for your wedding as oppose to daydreaming about it will allow you the freedom to have the wedding your budget can afford. Heck! Saving now will allow you to have the wedding you might not otherwise be able to afford!

Say at eighteen you started putting away $50/month in a measly saving account earning you 2%. By twenty you’ve saved  $1,275.56. Wedding cake? Check!

Now say you continue to save another five years while you meet and fall for the guy of your most dreamiest dream. You’re earning  more so you increase your monthly saving amount to $100.

Final Savings Balance: $7,718.53

Ummm, looks like you have options when it comes to your wedding dress. Maybe even go to Kleinfelds for a private fitting. At twenty-five you have personally saved a significant amount for your big day. But because hubby-to-be is THE one he is on board with the luxe savings plan and decides to contribute too. You two are saving $300 month at a higher interest rate. By thirty, you would have saved:

Final Savings Balance: $29,386.29

LaLa Vasquez & Carmelo Anthony

LaLa Vasquez & Carmelo Anthony

Some of you may find this strange, unrealistic, time-consuming, blah, blah, blah. But you will be one of those people who overspends, overcharges or has to make those seemingly tough cuts to control costs. If you think you cannot afford to save now, how will you afford to spend later?

As a married couple your lives will be filled with many special days. Hopefully each one doesn’t cost you a fortune. But if you begin to really plan (and by plan, I mean save) for you big day, the result will be “a wedding where, the day after, you’re debt-free and can start your lives together“.

Shania Twain and Frédéric Thiébaud

For a simple savings calculator, click here.

P.S. It is really tough to find celeb wedding photos were the couple is still together…


Finance Friday: Fasting & Binging

And no I don’t mean on food!

Fashion bloggers across the webishphere are embarking on personal challenges to control their spending and overflowing closets with the realization that the more pieces they accumulate the deeper they went into financial debt.

There are bloggers who only wear high end pieces and I wonder how they could afford such a wardrobe and others that acknowledge they currently cannot afford luxury designers but are fashionable nonetheless. Generally speaking, we all subscribe to a mixture of both. One for inspiration and the other for practical application. The question isn’t only “Where’d You Get That?” but “How’d You Pay For THAT?”, something that often is left unsaid.

These days not only are we envious of the Joneses but we invite them into our homes. The Joneses  are online and have created a host of websites showcasing their latest finds. They tell us exactly what they are wearing, how much it cost and where to buy one just like it. Sometimes they direct us to the lower priced option. Nonetheless we feel pressured to be just like them.

I too suffered from closet envy which led me to charge up my credit card (at one point I was free of the C3’s). I’ve since recovered and no longer feel such pressure but I relapse from time to time. I hadn’t been shopping in a while. With my new job, my pay schedule changed and I wanted to get use to it – making sure all my bills are paid on time – before I started spending. Well… it all started with these babies:

Alloy - Sayla Oxford

…and then went down hill from there with these (this is the short list):

French Connection - Fast Dandy Voile Dress

Laudme - Josephine Baker Elephant Tank

ASOS Striped Midi

Vince Camuto Mista Platform Stiletto Pumps

It’s like Christmas to me — but the feeling doesn’t last long. I tear open the boxes and included packaging and proceed with an impromptu fashion show. In the past as soon as the show ended, I started to feel regret for the debt I just incurred and for purchasing  three dresses of the same style in different colors (pick one!). I felt B.R.O.K.E (Buyers Remorse Over K-rappy Expenses)!

My shopping binge lasted only three days and was done completely online. I did NOT use any of my credit cards. I paid for it all using money I had saved just for this purpose (more next week).

I believe these diets, challenges and fasts would not work for me. In the past, they have not worked for me.  Some people have children, hobbies and other things to focus their energy on (?), I have style. Not just fashion, but “style”  – encompassing all things personally attractive to me. I get just as much pleasure out of shopping for clothing and accessories as I do perusing the aisles of Lowes and Ikea.

Maybe you need to purge and fast first. I commend each blogger for (1) acknowledging they have a problem, (2) acknowledging they have bigger goals then being trendy at the moment, (3) for doing something about it, and (4) for going public with it.

"Finance & the Fashion Blogger: Ignore-ance" by Miss Ashe Mischief

Here at MNM, we believe that a woman can have it all! Manolos & Mutual Funds! And with some understanding of your financial style and a few easily coordinated steps you can. Some things to remember are there is no one size fits all financial tip. Your money is not that of your favorite fashion blogger. We shall not judge.

Read more about each of these challenges here:

Please feel free to list any other challenges out there!

Good luck Missy!

The Return of ‘Investment Clothing’

The recession is over. Ding! Dong! The witch is soooooo not dead!! Just sleeping at the moment. Though the recession is over (June 2009), people nationwide have little to celebrate. The one escape we used to have? Fashion Week. Every year, fashion week brings us the imaginations of those more talented than ourselves. A dream world only possible of achieving and visiting through the fine stitches of Alexander McQueen, and the classic shapes of Ms Coco Chanel. This years fashion was…wearable! Dun, dun, dun!!! [Insert dramatic music here]

Investment Clothing

In response to the played out “economic downturn”, Fashion Weeks’ and Fashion Houses from  across the globe showcased a ton of “investment” pieces this year. No it wasn’t the return of the Plain White Tees, but it was the comeback for – brace yourself – wearable fashion.

“Wearable”, a phrase that haunts the halls of high fashion magazines and couture designers alike. I know its scary but its practical. (Aaahhhhh! Stop the bleeding!)

Wearable? But why?

While fashion is and always will be about uninhibited creativity and self expression, at the end of the day, most of us shop for items that can be worn to the few places we frequent (i.e., work, school, dates, etc.). Usually, tops, sweaters, jackets, pants and skirts are classified as genres of clothing you should be purchasing as an investment. But finanshionistas alike shop for style and sales; we mix and match the highs with the lows, combining high fashion with complementary ‘boutique items’ from favorite vintage/thrift shops or the all to irresistible Target (Don’t act like you don’t shop there!).

But this year our designers have done us a favor by focusing on the demure; quality pieces we see as investments that will last well into the next season and years to come. No, it wasn’t (all) about the glitz or extreme glam but about quality sportswear infused with this years trends.

Photos courtesy of

A few great designers took it a step further and created a separate (and new) collection/line for less expensive but still uber chic styles. Zac Posen, known for his glamour, tailoring, dramatic details and high priced gowns, continued to wow the audience with the launch and introduction of Z Spoke.

“I want to show clothing with the ability to be sold to the people,” says Mr. Posen. “The young people following the blogs, I want to create pieces they can afford so they can become Zac-ettes.”

Pieces range from $80 to $700, a far stretch from the usual $1,000 to $12,000. [Photos courtesy of and Matteo Volta via]

While, yes, they (the designers) may have helped out a few finanshionistas who might have been struggling to stay in line and in style on her new budget, they did it for selfish and strategic reasons. They also wanted to help themselves out and their retailers by making options that were more commercial and sell-able. Before, secondary lines were showcased in private, far from the tents of Bryant Park, for a select group of buyers. To have them front and center in Lincoln Center is a definite sign of the times. [Photos courtesy of and]

The quality hasn’t changed but the materials have. Badgley Mischka featured its contemporary line, Mark + James, “made of cotton, linen and silk blends, rather than the double-face satin, chiffon and six-ply crepe used in the couture collection”.

The times, they are a changing, and designers need to stay current. Not only with setting the latest fashion trends but to the sensitivity of the price points of their consumers. Fashion is a business and sometimes the customers decision to buy an item or pass, is as well. Because in Fashion, ‘One day you’re in, and the next, you’re out!’. Let Heidi tell it…

“You Ain’t Sh*t!” And other things your parents never told you…

Carrie Bradshaw: A fiscal schizophrenic???

In browsing the other day, I came across a blog of a woman I frequently read in a magazine. Her blog, A Belle in Brooklyn, is about relationships and ‘real talk’ experiences of a vibrant female living in New York City. Her topic for the day, what intrigued me the most, was called “The ego epidemic“, a review and commentary of an article titled: “The ego epidemic: How more and more of us women have an inflated sense of our own fabulousness” by Lucy Taylor.

Ms Taylor describes an overwhelming trend found amongst females. That we carry and internalize almost delusional, “inflated” images and beliefs of ourselves. When we look in the mirror in the morning, its not the broke, head of over heels in debt, paycheck-to-Monday life that we see looking back at us in the morning but rather a ‘fabulous’ (said in the voice of Samantha Jones), Dior and Chanel-ed out, fierce female of which no man can resist.

The article brings to our attention that “US women are more egocentric and narcissistic than … ever”. That we have trouble accepting criticism or even showing some emotions towards others because we are so into ourselves.  “Am I making you angry by telling you this?”, the author asks. “It figures. Narcissistic or egotistical women do have an overwhelming sense of entitlement and arrogance.”

But what’s the problem here? In a male dominated world where they slap each other on the ass to congratulate each other, consistently promote their achievements and personal agendas, drive fancy, fast cars, and  attribute a personality and name to their man-hood  – what is wrong with an overtly confident woman? (Don’t worry ladies, I got your back). For decades women have stood behind their men, have waited (some are still waiting) for professional promotions and have subdued their natural sexuality all in an attempt to A) Not be called a Bitch, B) Not be called a Whore, and C) Not be called a Bitch!

What’s wrong with a little more than a little self promotion ?

I see one potential problem being confusing ones self-worth with one’s net-worth. Do we know the differences ladies?

Self-Worth vs Net-Worth: The two are NOT one in the same

The author continues on to say:

We have phony rich people (who actually have massive mortgages and piles of debt), phony beauty (via plastic surgery), phony celebrities (via reality TV and YouTube), phony genius students (with grade inflation) and phony friends (with the social networking explosion).

Her point here is that in an attempt to remain consistent, to match ones thoughts and beliefs regarding their self worth with their physical appearances and social status, the material things become a necessity and are no longer just a part of life’s more luxurious side, to be indulged on occasion.

Remember the Jones-es (found here)? They were the ones everyone used to want to be like – an imaginary couple who kicked up envious glances from the neighbors because it was the Jones-es who always had the new, new stuff that no one else could afford. Well, ladies we have created a set of dueling twin Jone-es in our own heads, if you will. They dictate what is appropriate to wear, drive, etc., in the world we’ve created in our heads.

That is fiscal schizophrenia!

Let’s remember that Carrie Bradshaw was at times a free lance writer who lived from check to check charging fantastic shoes at outrageous prices. And lets not comment on the all to entitled Rebecca Bloomwood of Confession of a Shopaholic fame. Don;t get it twisted. Both were glamorous fiscal schizophrenics!

With easy access to credit and the rapid flow of information one can see how you can become misinformed along the way. “Buy now, pay later”. I met a girl once who praised the invention of ‘lay away’ because the TJ Max by her house carried high end name brands. “Lay Awaaayyy!”, she continued on and on. “Lay Away!”

What toll does paying for those boots and purses take on your everyday finances? How can you keep to your normal monetary schedule if you now have to rush to pay off a layaway claim within six weeks?

Now we can’t be ones to dip into other pockets. I don’t know too much about what she has going on in her purse. But in making a diagnosis off of the sole reason she’s placing items on lay away, only to return every two weeks to make a small deposit on those items, I’d have to say she’s suffering from a case of fiscal schizophrenia.

Watch out now, it could become contagious.

This isn’t a post about layaway (excuse the small rant). But you can understand what I’m getting out here.  While I slightly disagree with the overall theme of the article, I connect with the idea of an inflated self worth leading to an out of whack, internal battle with one’s net worth. Your parents may have told you over and over again how great, awesome, special and pretty you are and that you deserve a pony, car, rich man, plastic surgery, and a great life, but did they ever tell you about the true costs of attaining those things?

Think about it.

Read more: Photo found here.

Why I’m buying a house — even though I shouldn’t!

As if the title didn’t say enough, here I am, saying to you — all my dear finanshionistas– that I, Miss NewMoney am taking the plunge towards home ownership. Why now, you ask. Well, I’m a sucka for punishment and I just want to own something! Not exactly.

I have been saving for a house for six years now.  SIX YEARS!!! And I’m only twenty-three. It was hard work too — especially because I was living on the ultimate college budget and still paid a pay grade above youthful man servant. Never the less, by the time I started seriously looking for a home –let’s say Summer 2009 — I had saved enough for a down payment, potential closing costs, and a couple of months of living expenses. Suze Orman would be proud!

I was always confident when it came down to the money portion. I either had enough or I didn’t. One of the crucial parts of house buying is determining how much is “enough. And although my credit may have afforded me a larger house, it was the actual costs of living and my savings potential that dictated how much of a house I actually wanted to buy. Though it my have been one of the toughest parts –saving all that money– it was nothing compared to what I was to face in the upcoming months.

I initially wanted to purchase an investment house – one where I could live on one floor and have a tenant (or two) cover my mortgage.  I immediately realized that on the budget I had, around $60,000 to $120,000, I was having little luck finding a home in which I would feel safe living in let alone have a stranger live so close by. Hey, some of the streets of Philly are tough but priced so cheaply.  The budget had to remain the same.

D’Ya think I gave up there? Finanshionistas never give up! I still had my will and just needed to find another way.

SO I dug deep and decided to purchase a home for myself to eventually be rented out one day. I’ve held onto this lavish lifestyle dream of buying a house, living it for a few, and moving on the next one; never really settling until I’m ready for the big Queens Estate. “The Queens Estate” is my ultimate dream home and the home that I will begin a family in (children, husband, picket fence).

That brings me to lucky number three!!! Yes – this is the third house I’ve attempted to buy. The first one I will always view as the one that got away. I was completely content with the home and didn’t listen to my gut on how to approach the situation and ultimately lost the home. The second home was a disaster. The sellers Realtor was completely unprofessional and just stopped communicating for a few days at a time. Definitely someone I couldn’t trust nor move forward with. I also lost about $600 on this failed transaction. And number three seems to be THE one. Completely new everything, within budget, and an all female transaction team. Girl Power in full force with a female buyer and all female Realtors!

House buying seems to be one of the most controversial topics for personal finance bloggers and other experts. Older generations still view real estate as the ultimate investment. Where others view it as a ultimate sink hole, constantly sucking the money out of your Coco Chanel handbag. I took a different approach acknowledging all of the pros and cons of home ownership. I figured out what would work for ME and allowed myself to think BIG and not remain SMALL by comparing my situation as a mirror image of others.

Pause for an inspirational quote ….

Winners compare their achievements with their goals, while losers compare their achievements with those of other people.
– Nido Qubein

My goal was always to buy a house. Period.

Now, with that in mind let’s address some of the reasons “they” say you should rent forever. Most of the comments are indeed true! I can admit that. But because something is true doesn’t mean it should be a deterrent or a hindrance. It just means you need acknowledge it and prepare.

$ Renting Keeps You Flexible – Sure you can just pick up and move on a whim  – IF you are willing to forgo a hefty security deposit or can find someone trustworthy to sublet. I had a friend who sublet her place and the person turned it into a “rooming house” while she was away. But if I own a home in multiple states/cities, then can’t I do the same thing? THINK BIG.

$ Someone Else Does The Repairs – True, the landlord or property management company is responsible for fixing just anything in the home. But let me tell you, having dealt with both and having had to wait a full month for a working stove, if I never have to deal with either again it will be too soon. Plus, I’m going to hire a qualified professional and then well isn’t someone else doing the repairs in that case too? THINK BIG.

$ Owning A Home Is More Expensive Than It Looks – Absolutely!!! Owning a home is more than just covering the mortgage payment. It’s paying for the planned and the unexpected, insurance and taxes, and much more. If you never own a home and continue to rent this is the area that lends to some of the greatest economic differences between the two lifestyles. However, if you like a own a home, like myself, this is one of those inherent factors that comes along with the territory. The best way to manage this is to manage other aspects of your sexy, financial life.

$ Renters Insurance Is Much Cheaper – Renters insurance covers your stuff inside of the apartment whereas homeowners insurance covers your home, certain liabilities and other damages. I’d hope it’s more expensive than renters insurance. And with great package deals (home and auto insurance combined) things just may turn out alright. THINK BIG.

$ Home Prices Can Go Down Short-Term – and the world could end tomorrow. You cannot control how markets move. Do not waste your time on things not within your control. You can control the price at which you buy your house.  Famous investor Robert Kiyosaki of Rich Dad, Poor Dad advocates you should make your money going in. Meaning if a property is appraised for $150K and you purchase at $90K, then you would have made $50K going into the closing session. Additionally, invest for the long term and this will be taken care of!! I have ZERO plans on selling this house. I’m stuck with it for life! THINK BIGGER.

Now, no where in this article did I say that home ownership is THE only way to go nor did I say that EVERYONE must own a home. Renting for some is simply the way to go — mainly for some of the reasons listed above. The point is they made that decision for them and on their own. If you want to buy a house — and have good reason as to ‘why’ you want to buy a house — then go ahead. Read all of the reasons why people say you shouldn’t and make sure you address those reasons from within (are you planning on changing jobs any time soon? Do you have the money to pay for those expenses once covered by a landlord?) If after you perform your evaluation you still feel comfortable dropping $20k on a down payment, then by all means, go out there a shop!

Finanshionistas: You’re Invited

This post is by invitation only.

The secrets I am about to share with you are have amounted to thousands upon thousands of designer dollars saved, a fabulous constructed wardrobe, and an obsession with the 11 AM. “Flash boutiques“, as I like to call, them are slowly making their way across the internet. And recently auction giant Ebay has tapped into its profitability and potential. Designer clothing at sale prices: Heaven with a web address (! But as with anything else, too much of a good thing can lead to a really, really bad thing.

How it works

Each site is a little different but they generally follow the same concept. First, they are by invitation only. (Aren’t you glad you read this blog?) At a certain time each day (including weekends) sales are announced and launched for the public to shop. They usually are open for two days only. Think of them as mini-online-sample sales in which you’re able to find sizes other than “below-zero” and “round-to-the-nearest-whole-number”. You reserve your items in your timed cart, an ingenious idea that places an insurmountable amount of pressure on the prospective customer to buy (AKA send money) within the next fifteen minutes, otherwise your item is released to the hounds and could be purchased by another!

Some things to look out for are shipping, sizing, and the return policy. Shipping can add up but not all sites charge you to ship each individual item. Ruelala for example offers free shipping throughout the entire day once an order has been placed.  While Ideeli does offer a flat rate on shipping, it will cost you $9.95 each order.

TART for Hautelook

Sizing can be tricky too – but any savvy cyber shopper will tell you that that’s always been the inherent risk in ordering anything online. I’m proud (should I be?) to say I’ve familiarized myself with cuts, fabrics and sizes from many designers and I know what will look good and what probably won’t fall right on my body. As always, they offer measurements and sizing tools to assist.

Now the return policy is crucial. Do you prefer cash back? Can you live with store-credit only? Most  – if not all- of these types of sites will refund your money in the form of a credit. When I was trying to quit these sites (yes, it was like a drug to me), I couldn’t return the items for store credit because I knew that would only perpetuate the cycle. I’d return, they’d refund credit, and I’d buy on their credit and on my credit card!

* Check out MNM Merchandise for great deals I’ve come across! All BRAND NEW clothes and shoes!! Subscribe to be the first to find out when new stuff is posted! Find it here!  *

With Great Power, Comes Great Responsibility

If terrorists were looking for me, they’d know exactly where to find me everyday at 11 AM: Cyber-surfing at my fav online boutiques! (I’ve got to make a better reference!) But things weren’t always so great. At one point, I had to place a self-imposed embargo on these luxury goods. The itch became too much to bear as I would cave into it everyday. I accumulated several hundreds of dollars in credit card debt from these sites alone. Not only did I receive weekly notifications (so I could prepare myself so I could organize my meeting schedule for the week around these launches) but I eventually signed up for daily emails. I became great friends with the post office, UPS and my neighbors next door (who I still think kept one of my boxes – “lost in the mail” my a**!).

Needless to say, it wasn’t a healthy relationship.

Betsey Johnson for RueLaLa

If you are currently in credit card debt and/or are already on a very tight budget, then you are NOT invited! Do not even go there homie! Stay away until you have finished your Finanshionista training. Now, I’m not tryna be your Momma, but signing up for these sites will only push you further away from your goals, not closer. Continue to fight the good fight and revisit this invitation later.

For those of you who have crossed over, you too are not immune from the ‘tick tock’ of the 11AM clock. Psychologically, it does something to you. It was hands down my late morning smoke break at work. I don’t smoke by the way but I grew very anxious around 10:30AM. It was an escape into a world of pretty colors, feminine fabrics and unique, fashionable art.

Finanshionistas: You’re Invited!

Now that I am using the sites responsibly (can’t say I’ve been clean and sober), I wanted to share these treasures with other Finanshionistas. Once again they are invitation only. Click on any of the images below and enter a world where Fashion and Finance coexist peacefully. If I’m missing one, let me know! (seriously, send me an email or leave a comment with the link)

** To clarify, I am not on drugs and used drug jargon only to express my point of view. Finanshionistas will understand – even if you don’t **

Miss New Money: “Going Rogue”

Like a dog caught with its tail between its legs, I shamelessly crawl back. This is Miss New Money: Going Rogue…

Take note, anytime I am away – or posts just aren’t populating with the frequency you’re used to – I’ve gone rogue. Undercover in the land of the shamelessness. Throwing a conscious spending plan to the wind.  Every package I opened from promiscuous online shopping I regretted. I didn’t need the item and – even worse – it looked much better in the picture.

What happened to cause such a relapse? As you can read, I had been doing exceptionally well in staying focused to achieve my dreams ( See ‘I was good. Super good’ to learn how I saved over $700/month). I even put myself out there to accomplish mini goals on my quest to freedom. But lately the anxiety to purchase a home / investment property has been overwhelming. Certain days the thrill of the chase excites me to belief that I can do this and that it WILL be done. But other days, the dismal search results, inaction from the seller’s real estate agents and the impending First Time Home Buyer Tax Credit deadline leaves me feeling like a Dreamgirl passed over at a talent show that asks “what’s the point?”.

I know this is fear talking. And that scared money don’t make money! Clearly that’s the case as I have spent a significant amount of money within the last two weeks. I even missed paying some bills completely. I fell out of the finanshionista world because I was too scared to stay in it. I realized this, acknowledged it and am now ready to do something about it. But I cannot turn anxiety into fear, back into anxiety only to turn it into naiveté.

Let me explain.

Let’s first get a few things straight. When it comes to sales shopping or bargain hunting as some may call it, not using a ‘Spend $150, Get $30 off’ is not the same thing as losing $30. If you agree with me please proceed, otherwise please revisit ‘Livin’ for the Lifestyle‘ and check yourself! When it comes to making one of the biggest decisions in your lifetime, not purchasing a home and missing out on $8K does not have the same consequences as purchasing a home just to receive an $8K tax credit. Agreed?

For me to purchase a home because I am set on receiving the tax credit is laden with unnecessary risk and will be considered a naive move of a rookie investor. While it may be true (I am technically a rookie investor when it comes to real estate investments), I know enough not to make that  kind of decision. The potential and costly errors associated with rushing to make this decision will more likely than not sum to a number greater than $8,000.

I know you've gotten more than a few of these...

There is never a real pressure to buy. Only imaginary pressures first built up in your head and released as a rational and logical, financial decision. Think about, if you feel pressured to purchase anything (clothing, food, movie tickets, etc. ) because you hold in your hand a coupon, who’s really in control here? The retailer or you? True you saved $30 but you spent $120 – drastically different from the price tag of the one thing you walked in to buy.

One great thing about being a finanshionista is that you don’t succumb to pressure ( No, no pressure!). You know what you want and now – how to get it! You are aware of your choices and the potential consequences. But most importantly, you’re just too cute to look stupid! 😉

Check back later this week for an “If I was Rich Girl: Letter to Money” from an anonymous reader who blames herself for her boyfriends financial shortcomings.

“On Valentines Day, I feel like a bank robber. Is that wrong?”

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