What’s that smell? A Recycling DIY mess

I like to use candles, oils, and sprays to keep my home smelling fresh. Now I have empty votives, plug-ins, and oil bottles scattered around the house. Most of the time I can’t bring myself to pay the exorbitant cost of these scents and often you’ll find me waiting for a smell I like to go on sale. This is a simple DIY Eau de Parfum for your home. This recycled aromatic concoction lasts for days and is refillable by simply adding water.


Orange Peels, Cinnamon Sticks, Cloves

Plus a:

Simmering Pot of Water


Cloved orange peels and two or three cinnamon sticks


Inhale...Its ok

To make this blend last even longer I plan on making candles out of what’s left over. I can see it now, little hints of orange and Cinnamon peaking out of the candle wax. Careful not to let this sit in your cookware for too long — as it will start to stain.

I’m also experimenting with the aroma’s of other citrus fruits. Something that can be “boiled” for Spring. This combo is great for the Fall / Winter seasons but can be a bit out of style for Spring / Summer.

Any suggestions?


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