“Excuse me, Would you like some Pixie Dust?”


Where dreams do come true!

This weekend I went to the happiest place on Earth….Disney World! As a first timer, I did as the regulars do: Ride the Dumbo ride, dance with Goofy, and pretend you’re a Princess for the day.  It was all in celebration of my favorite (and only) niece’s third birthday …

Happy Birthday!

She was a little star struck!

This will be in my house somehow, somewhere...

Oh, and we fed the Gators!"When in Rome..."

Yes – Please continue“. All of this is said to distract you from the fact that I have taken an almost five month hiatus from blogging. I was getting my life together Missy. And boy was I.

I got a new job (“HALLELUJAH!”) and am starting a new side career (more on that later). I’ve been decorating my house (“It ‘s so pretty!”). I’ve been working out (“Just getting ripped“). I’ve been fixing things in my house (“So it isn’t broken, you just had to turn the handle you say?”). And, I’ve been traveling (“Disney! SPEED!!!!”). Life has been good to me.

But how I have missed blogging. You’ll see some different things around here lately. I’ve had a ton of ideas being tossed around over the last few months so this officially kicks of the experimentation phase of the blog. I’ve tried a lot of things. But a lot of those things were concepts that worked on other sites that I’d hoped would work here. Turns out they didn’t because I wasn’t feeling them. So….I’m-a do ME!

I’ve always had big plans for this site but let life and laziness get in the way. No Mas! (That means ‘No more’ for my uni-lingual Misses) It’s a new day, a new dawn and I’m feeling motivated!

The year really started off well. Yes – I made resolutions and set goals for the new year and was so amazed that I meant the biggest one of all within the first two weeks. Plenty more to come on that one!

Thank you to all my Misses who continually checked the site for updates! Please continue to read and post comments as you feel fit. I am here to continually entertain and educate YOU!


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