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I don’t watch scary movies. Real life is scary enough.

I went food shopping today. Well it was more like candy shopping. I admittedly have a big sweet too. I keep a “snack draw” where I stash my stash of treats in a very organized and adult fashion. There seems to be an abnormal amount of Halloween leftovers this year. From candy bars to household decorations,  the lonely aisle still remains. Even onDemand movies are being discounted to stock up on Christmas stories. A genre I once loved – I now couldn’t fathom considering one of those movies as entertainment. I realized,  I don’t watch scary movies because real life is scary enough. Here are just a few of the terrors present in my life (and yours) on a daily basis:

Decision 2010

What’s happened to our politics? Has everyone gone and drank the juice? I’ve never witnessed something so vile as the political ads and professional jabs taken at each other by this years selection of politicians looking to replace and/or stay in office. The times, they are a changin’. But what remained the same was the political promises and campaigns of yesteryear’s. I can’t understand how we in one breath we uphold our representatives with such esteem but find nothing wrong with the words they used to get in office. Miss New Money for President!

Economic Recovery?

Can we all agree to stop talking about this? It’s fear that’s keeping us down now. If we haven’t done so yet, we all need to work on our own internal banking institutions. Build your personal bank by sticking to the basics ( read more, here, here and here) and let’s face it, by not trusting everything you hear. If you are set on a solid foundation, it doesn’t matter what happens on Wall Street.

Growing career pains

My latest professional move (well I’ve been stagnant at this place for a year now) has lead me right down the self help/spiritual guides aisle in Borders. Happiness, is not something that’s experienced often here, let me tell you. But needless to say, it’s opening my eyes to a number of life realities I may not have ever known — or would have known, just much later. And for that, I am grateful – still frightened- but grateful.

Other frightening things:


  • Uggs…
  • Sub degree weather AKA Global Cooling…
  • Mexican Drug Cartel…
  • Divorce…
  • Little Wayne’s Release from Jail…
  • Harem Pants…
  • Being kidnapped…
  • Personal Failure…
  • New Year’s Resolutions…
  • Mama’s Boys…
  • Spiral Staircases…
  • Constant Nightmare: My roof is collapsing while I’m asleep from an obscene amount of rain water collected…Oh! And I won’t have the money to fix it…
  • Constant Thoughts: I won’t become rich and successful…

It’s real out there. That’s why I watch Saturday Morning Cartoons (K-U-Z-C-O!) and listen to Justin Bieber. (Baby, baby, baby, Oooohhhh!!!)


One Response

  1. this entry entertains me. Finally someone else who finds harem pants ridiculously ludicrous(sp). And this is great advice, btw:
    “If you are set on a solid foundation, it doesn’t matter what happens on Wall Street.”

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