MNM Vocabulary Lesson: Fiscal Schizophrenia

Fiscal Schizophrenia [fis-kuhl] [skit-suh-free-nee-uh, -freen-yuh]

  1. Contrived mental instability characterized by dueling internal thoughts relating to money
  2. Being aware of your current monetary status and choosing to blatantly ignore it
  3. i.e., “Knowing she was over her credit limit and will induce a penalty, Carrie struggled with her fiscally schizophrenic voices but still decided to charge her latest pair of Louis Vuitton’s to the card”
  4. See “You Ain’t Sh*t and Other Things Your Parents Never Told You” to see why Carrie Bradshaw suffers from the illness


  1. Just about anything else
  2. Conscious Consumer

We’ve all experienced it. Or seen someone going through it. She’s usually the one staring at a hot pair of new shoes, mumbling to herself; probably trying the shoe on and on again, trying to forecast upcoming weeks’ expenses. Having an internal dialogue between good and evil, cash or credit, paying more now or going to Payless. She’s the one who knows she may not be able to afford something (now) but is convincing herself she ‘needs’ the item and works out a way to pay for it.

Just as it is unrealistic for me to expect you to leave Nordstroms (for example) for Payless, Fiscal Schizophrenia is about giving in to an unrealistic belief. It’s really simple to determine whether you can afford something or not, but it can be difficult silencing the “want” in your head. Once you give in to the “wants” voice, you start rationalizing and negotiating with your wallet: a losing game, as your wallet has no leverage. It can’t make you miraculously have more money.

The facts are the facts and talking to yourself, albeit internally, just makes you look crazy.

Other vocabulary:

Mailbox Money – What to do when your mailbox starts making it rain…

New Money – Talking ’bout my generation..unless you got those cobweb coins!


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