Bullish on Fall’s Latest Fashions

Bullish for Fall 2010

With Autumn only a few days away, it’s time to start unpacking those fall sweaters, knee high boots and everyone’s favorite (except for me ) Uggs (ugh!). I’m pretty excited for Fall. I admit my Summer wardrobe is a little weak, but Fall is full of changing leaves, ombre sweaters, comfort food, and full A-line skirts!

With Fashion Week coming to a close as well, I thought I’d take some time to go through some of my favorite looks for Fall 2010. Being ‘bullish’ in the stock market  means you believe a stock/the market is on the rise. The ‘trends’ for this season are less  – well, trendy, and in styles that can be worn for seasons to come. Collections this year are modern, comfortable yet still Rachel Zoe, to die for. Urban Warrior hits the stage in faux fur (GO PETA!), sharp cuts and bold shoulders. Contrasting to that is feminine chic, full skirts, lace and sheer blouses. Here’s a list of all of the trends I’m bullish on for Fall 2010. (Pictures from Elle.com.)

Cuckoo for Camel!

Aquascutum (left), Etro (middle), Elie Tahari (right)

Camel is one of Fall’s newest happening colors. I’m glade to see it’s return. It was always a color I’d stay away from because I thought it might get dirty too quick and my mother trained me to think that any shade of brown on brown skin would “make you look nakey”.  Nakey, no good….. Bow down to Elie Tahari for combining camel with another trend for Fall 2010, Capes & Ponchos. I know we’ve all seen the H&M ad by now of an affordable camel, knit poncho (wow-triple threat there!) for twenty bucks!

It’s a jungle out there!

Dolce & Gabbana (left), PPQ (middle), Balmain (right)

Roaarrrr!!!! I love that animal print has slowly made its return and now it’s accepted by all as a must have item in everyone’s closet. Have your boss asking what’s the deal with the Tiger in the room? Combining fierce femininity and sexy curves, animal is the way to go this Fall if you want to feel like the powerful Tigress we all are. Remember these babies by Michael Kors?? They’re still available. Hint, hint.

Sunshine, Grey Skies..

Wayne (left), VPL by Victoria Bartlett (middle), Elie Tahari (right)

Grey can be so calming…especially in the form of knitwear. I;ve recently grown a strong affinity for the color. The new grey, as I like to call it, doesn’t appear as dull as the old, safe-for-work color did. I am dying to get this Asos Blazer. But what I love about grey as a neutral color you can pair it with just about any other color. Grey + Pink = Fierceness; Grey + Blue = Unstoppable; Grey + Red = New Sexy…. and the equations continue.

You’re in the Army Now!!!

Tibi (left), Emilio Pucci (middle), Burberry (right)

I feel  like the essence of military wear has been around for quite some time. I have more than enough coats/vests with large, brass buttons and fitted bodices. Maybe it was an underground thing as designers are now embracing the classic style for outerwear. Here, Pucci and Burberry showcased the look in Falls other favorite color, Cobalt Blue (sometimes Navy).

Other trends to watch out for:

  • 50’s Inspiration – think Mad Men…
  • The Pants Suit – Glass Ceiling, I think not…
  • Lace (and mostly sheer anything) – oh la la

And to be extra I came across this cool DIY from Ruby Mines. These shoes were first shown in the Louis Vutton Fall 2010. For shoes similar to those , visit Ruby Mines for a chic DIY project.

What are you excited to wear?

Prada, Fall 2010

Chloe, Fall 2010

DIY Tutorial: Louis Vuitton Bow Pumps @ Ruby Mines


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