Miss New Money: “Going Rogue”

Like a dog caught with its tail between its legs, I shamelessly crawl back. This is Miss New Money: Going Rogue…

Take note, anytime I am away – or posts just aren’t populating with the frequency you’re used to – I’ve gone rogue. Undercover in the land of the shamelessness. Throwing a conscious spending plan to the wind.  Every package I opened from promiscuous online shopping I regretted. I didn’t need the item and – even worse – it looked much better in the picture.

What happened to cause such a relapse? As you can read, I had been doing exceptionally well in staying focused to achieve my dreams ( See ‘I was good. Super good’ to learn how I saved over $700/month). I even put myself out there to accomplish mini goals on my quest to freedom. But lately the anxiety to purchase a home / investment property has been overwhelming. Certain days the thrill of the chase excites me to belief that I can do this and that it WILL be done. But other days, the dismal search results, inaction from the seller’s real estate agents and the impending First Time Home Buyer Tax Credit deadline leaves me feeling like a Dreamgirl passed over at a talent show that asks “what’s the point?”.

I know this is fear talking. And that scared money don’t make money! Clearly that’s the case as I have spent a significant amount of money within the last two weeks. I even missed paying some bills completely. I fell out of the finanshionista world because I was too scared to stay in it. I realized this, acknowledged it and am now ready to do something about it. But I cannot turn anxiety into fear, back into anxiety only to turn it into naiveté.

Let me explain.

Let’s first get a few things straight. When it comes to sales shopping or bargain hunting as some may call it, not using a ‘Spend $150, Get $30 off’ is not the same thing as losing $30. If you agree with me please proceed, otherwise please revisit ‘Livin’ for the Lifestyle‘ and check yourself! When it comes to making one of the biggest decisions in your lifetime, not purchasing a home and missing out on $8K does not have the same consequences as purchasing a home just to receive an $8K tax credit. Agreed?

For me to purchase a home because I am set on receiving the tax credit is laden with unnecessary risk and will be considered a naive move of a rookie investor. While it may be true (I am technically a rookie investor when it comes to real estate investments), I know enough not to make that  kind of decision. The potential and costly errors associated with rushing to make this decision will more likely than not sum to a number greater than $8,000.

I know you've gotten more than a few of these...

There is never a real pressure to buy. Only imaginary pressures first built up in your head and released as a rational and logical, financial decision. Think about, if you feel pressured to purchase anything (clothing, food, movie tickets, etc. ) because you hold in your hand a coupon, who’s really in control here? The retailer or you? True you saved $30 but you spent $120 – drastically different from the price tag of the one thing you walked in to buy.

One great thing about being a finanshionista is that you don’t succumb to pressure ( No, no pressure!). You know what you want and now – how to get it! You are aware of your choices and the potential consequences. But most importantly, you’re just too cute to look stupid! 😉

Check back later this week for an “If I was Rich Girl: Letter to Money” from an anonymous reader who blames herself for her boyfriends financial shortcomings.

“On Valentines Day, I feel like a bank robber. Is that wrong?”


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