I was good. Super good.

I was super good on a budget this past month. Super good.  My budget and calculations must have been off BUT (here comes the bright side) I was able to save an extra …….drum roll please…..$700 this month! Check me out! I did this all without willingly wanting to do this!

After my tough Christmas battle with the C3’s and the defeat of being C3 debt free , I must have went into shock. It’s all a blur now but I’ll do my best to remember. How does one go from a zero balance to a positive $1,890.32?? Santa and his stupid little reindeer’s, my beautiful niece and her cuteness (damn you), my desire to please, Oscar de la Renta for Mom (“who’s that?”), custom framed picture of the same beautiful niece (two times) and the list continues a Wii bit.

Being offered a full time position at the top of the month didn’t help either. Once I saw that card balance I had to kick myself and buckle down. It turned out to be a few simple techniques that combined to a whopping $700 bucks!

I stopped visiting my favorite boutique websites every day at 11:00AM (now I can make those meetings), catalogues were immediately thrown in the trash (that one wasn’t actually too hard seeing as how they send four at a time), I even started cooking.

I loved to eat out simply because it was convenient. But seeing as how my boyfriend and I started visiting really good restaurants (and watching the cooking network) we began to appreciate the taste of “true cuisine”. Anything else would be unsatisfying. So with the maturity of our taste buds (“we’re so proud of you”) came a decrease in eating outside of the home.

That meant that the food inside the house had to be bangin’! So I began cooking and let me tell you— I may have food a new passion.

So how does all of this add up to saving 700 bucks?


$ I began bringing left over dinners to work as lunch

$ And I started making food that was good enough to bring to work

$ Before I needed to go food shopping I would make a list of all the meals I wanted to have over the next few days and then write down what I needed

$ I already decided how much I wanted to spend before hand in my payday budgeting

$ I also came up with the idea of adding up the items placed into the cart.

I know, it may sound boring and yes you may look sort of grandma-ish but hey Nana was on to something.

Compared to most  end of the months, I have so much excess that I’m trying to remember if I agreed to let some guy in Nigeria deposit checks into my account (“let me think…“).

The true test is whether I can do it again this month. Oh! I haven’t told you about my crazy idea for this month. More on Friday but let’s just say that this miracle occurring in January gave me hope that I can pull of something bigger in February.

Do you think these techniques would help you and your financial situation?


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