If I Was A Rich Girl: Letters to (Borrowed) Money

The first week of every month ” If I was a Rich Girl: A Letter to Money ” takes an intimate look at the true desires and drive behind ones personal money-making quest. The ‘need’ to accumulate New Money varies from person to person. Tell New Money what you would do if you were a Rich Girl.

Dear New Borrowed Money,

Looks like you’re going to be around for a while:

  1. I graduated school with over $120K in debt which I accumulated over four years of undergraduate schooling.
  2. After graduation and on the high hopes of a new job, I bought a car AKA took out a car loan for another $20K.
  3. I misspoke earlier when I said the money was spent on schooling- it was also spent on living as I used the surplus student loan money to pay for the costs of living partying.
  4. Currently attending Graduate School as  part of a tuition reimbursement program (thank the Lord) but there’s always the costs of textbooks…

You do the math – as it is too depressing to continue to tally my debt. I can’t be too upset though. The borrowed money helped me pay for school, pay for living while in school and afforded me a better opportunity to live cheaply. Kind of an oxymoron, I know, but buying a car allowed me to move outside of the city, rent a cheaper apartment and still get to work.

Without the money, I would not have been able to go to school – let alone stay in school. While there I had to change my schedule in order to finish in four years instead of what I had originally planned, five years. Things got expensive and I couldn’t afford to drag it out another year. Borrowing money allowed me to earn a degree and move on to greater things. I hope for greater things.

Did it suck accumulating all of that debt? Sure. And it felt good when I could buy new outfits and food (I rarely cooked) and shoes (oh the shoes) too. Ultimately, I loved be being able to take care of myself. I had haters too! People who saw me dressed in style and driving around in my new car envied me. But I’d wonder if they envied the $200K price tag too.

I didn’t work so I could focus on school (another benefit of the money). That meant I had a lot of free time that I used to make personal connections and get involved with school. I even served as President of a school organization for a few years.

I’m a little smarter now as I approach graduate school. I’m looking to enter a more fulfilling position, though this field is unanimously associated with being broke. I’m fine with that. As long as I can be passionate about my day job. The financial management tools will still be necessary but in ten years my loans will be forgiven, and the car should be paid off. I’ll enter my new career making an average living but with little debt. Maybe home ownership is in the stars for me.

I also went on a spiritual journey; one in which I lost a lot of bad habits and reconnected with the Lord. I had a rather empty life – and no I didn’t fill the space with $200K worth of stuff but I “emptied” that stored thought process that got me into this situation. I am happy now – loans are in deferment, job is great and I’m seeing someone now who keeps me grounded. I feel blessed, once again. I pray for health and for mental clarity. This allows me to make smart choices or more informed decisions regarding money. It is quite liberating when you’ve got a grasp on everything. Go figure!

Define it as you wish. Value it as you see fit.

If I Was a Rich Girl: A Letter to Money.


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  1. Hello! I have been reading through your blog articles and am pleased to tell you that as a fellow blog owner there is nothing that makes me happier than finding another blog owner that shares the same values as I do. I see that instead of using reused and recycled articles fom other blogs you are using your own unique content.

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