Rich Girl Faith, Mailbox Money for the Carters, and Desperate Fashion – So Nouveau riche!

This is your January, Miss New Money Redux. Well, what did we learn this month?

$ That money can be used for other fulfilling purposes other than  having more and more material possessions. While those are nice too, if Miss New Money (me!) were a Rich Girl I’d  be able to be free with life. Free to choose a career or not; to live in a home ore not; to continue my education and prepare future generations. “And I’m freeeeeeeee…..freeeeeee & ballin’….yea I’m free & ballin’ “

$ That batting for mailboxes probably isn’t so funny if you’ve got money in there, mailbox money to be exact (wait, did you get it?).

$ That in times of disaster AND in economic triumph, have faith in your money and generously donate to those in need. Aren’t you learning how to make new money anyways? Text  Haiti to the number 90999 donate to the Red Cross today.

$ That Keeping up with the Carters, Miss Beyonce, Mr. Jay-Z and Weezy F-Baby, is expensive! But once you can hang with the big boys, financial freedom could look like this:

  1. Buying the most expensive food you can buy stuffed with the second most expensive food
  2. Wearing clothes with the hardest names to pronounce
  3. Lighting up your cigars with $100 bills

Or could it?

$ Having a bank that will lend money to you in your most desperate fashion moments exists….in France! France is ready to open up a new kind of banking system: one that will allow fashion designers who’ve fallen on hard times to borrow money from ‘fashion banks and the government will back it. Could this mean that designers are to become indentured servants of The French Republic if they can’t pay? So not Nouveau riche!

What did you learn this month?

Check back next week for the February edition of “If I was a Rich Girl: A Letter to Money” . Read how one aspiring finanshionista found out the hard way that what happens in college…doesn’t stay in college!


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