Have faith in your money – give it away

The earthquake that hit Haiti this past Tuesday, the worst in two – hundred years, has left thousands dead and / or missing and has left many without shelter and basic necessities. As of yesterday afternoon, the Red Cross received donations in excess of $5.1 million. This week MNM takes a break from the focus of earning money and talks about giving it away.

Regardless of one’s spending or savings style, the blessing present in the ability to earn money is reciprocated and counter balanced with the ability to not only spend, but to be able to give it away and donate. Being generous to others with the money you make is much more than advantageous tax-write off.

I talk a lot about ‘buying stuff’ on this website, but the overall big picture is that of personal responsibility. You owe it to yourself (your future-self and your present-self), your family and your community to make smart financial choices. Everyone listed has an interest in … well… your pockets. Make a not-so-smart decision with your money and you and your family may end up in the hole. Make a smarter choice and you, your family and generations to come may never have to worry about home – ownership. 

Today your community needs you. All too often, people walk this earth feeling disconnected to those around them, but especially to those in different countries. The people of Haiti are a part of your community and they need you to make financial decisions that will have an impact on them. (Even a few of my favorite online boutiques are temporarily halting sales, basically not making any money,  out of respect to this national crisis.)

This tragedy is the first to utilize technology to an all time maximum. It is easier than ever to make contributions, as many sites are allowing you to simply send them a text message (removing many lazy excuses). “U.S. cell phone users have contributed more than $5 million in $10 increments to the Red Cross for Haiti disaster relief, by far the largest outpouring of support via mobile devices in history.”

For Mobile Donations (highly recommended) check out the sites below:

  • Wyclef Jean’s, Yele: to send $5,  text the word “Yele” to the number 501501
    The William J. Clinton Foundation: to send $10, text the word “Haiti” to 20222
  • Red Cross, text the word “Haiti” to the number 90999

Wireless carriers, including AT&T, Verizon Wireless, T-Mobile and Sprint, said they were not charging regular text-messaging fees on top of the donations.

Let go of your money in faith that it will return. More importantly, let go of your money in faith that it will have a real impact on those you gave it to. It is not business as usual and you should not follow your same routine.

* Remember in times of disaster, the rats come out! Be sure to validate the legitimacy of the site before you donate.

** Update: CNN has a complete list of VALID charities. Check it out here!

PHOTOS: 24-hours after the Haiti earthquake (from Reuters)


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