MNM Vocabulary Lesson: Mailbox Money

mail-box mon-ey /ˈmeɪlˌbɒks/ Show Spelled Pronunciation [meyl-boks muhn-ee]

  1. the money one collects from having to do no additional work
  2. monies placed inside one private box for incoming mail
  3. i.e: “As a landlord, I simply collect mailbox money every month”

– antonym

  1. Earned Money
  2. Employer set-up direct deposit
  3. i.e: “After working 80 hours, it’s payday. Trading hours for dollars is draining. I wish I had mailbox money”
Picture from Intuit

Picture from Intuit

Even with a job, career or otherwise, the addition of mailbox money to ones personal income can help offset many expenses.

Mailbox money is not only earned from investing in real estate, but from freelance writing (both online and off), monetized blogs or even some auction sites. Check out this Podcast from the Simple Dollar. It offers a unique insight to this writers sources of mailbox money.  Listen here!


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