If I was a Rich Girl: A Letter to Money

The first week of every month ” If I was a Rich Girl: A Letter to Money ” takes an intimate look at the true desires and drive behind ones personal money-making quest. The ‘need’ to accumulate New Money varies from person to person. Tell New Money what you would do if you were a Rich Girl.

Dear New Money,

I’ve got a gripe to pick with you. Where were you when I was growing up? You ignored me, my family and my neighborhood. When friends and neighbors were using you to stay current with trends, upgrade their homes, buy new cars, I was trying to make the little that I had last from week to week.

Because I learned how to interact with you by watching how others interacted with you, I only knew one way to make more of you: work until you retire. But I began to feel that the need to ‘pay’ for life was taking over my need to experience it. I’ve declined invitations because I didn’t want to spend you or work on weekends and holidays because I urgently felt I needed more of you. I also didn’t know what to do with you other than spend. And when it came time to pay for college, I asked (and kept asking) for others to loan me some of you because I knew of no other way to afford schooling.

I use to look at others and feel like I was unfairly forgotten about by you; that I was somehow left behind. But equipping myself with the proper financial education, tips and tools is allowing me to catch up. I use to think that the people whose households you were present in were special in a way that I would never be. I’ve learned that that isn’t true and that you don’t necessarily have favorites. In most cases, you do favor hard work but really, you favor those that take the time to learn about you.

You were hard to understand at first. I was glad to find that the basics were actually pretty basic and that anyone can apply a few methods that will ultimately earn them more of you. And although I may have accumulated student loan debt, I now have savings accounts, investments, and even a retirement account, that I keep putting more and more of you in. I’ve learned better spending habits that keep me out of debt; and work smarter not harder to continue this journey.

If I was a wealthy girl, I’d have the freedom to be creative with life. The possibilities are endless when you have a solid financial foundation. I’d go back to school (debt free of course); open an empire of businesses and create community development centers throughout the country.  I’d ensure that my family would enter into an eternity of financial freedom. I’d be able to afford my dream lifestyle of luxury but more importantly I’d have the time to share my knowledge and remove the financial fears of others who were just like me.

New Money, I don’t work for you anymore (sorry!). You work for me. BACK TO WORK!!

Define it as you wish. Value it as you see fit.

If I Was a Rich Girl: A Letter to Money.


2 Responses

  1. Happy to come to your site..full of good stuff.

  2. […] having more and more material possessions. While those are nice too, if Miss New Money (me!) were a Rich Girl I’d  be able to be free with life. Free to choose a career or not; to live in a home ore […]

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