Luxury Layaway

Oh the pleasures of living within a microwave society. You know, one where everything is accessible within seconds.  Especially temptation; that which comes prepackaged and on sale. Skimming through the daily messages from my tweeties, I came across this headline:

Luxury Layaway?

Luxury Layaway?

bagbanco: Want real designer handbags but can spend all that $$$$ at once? Try the Luxury Layaway plan at

Retailers seem to understand our fashion/finance alter egos. We like the fashionable things in life but need financially smart ways to pay for them that are just as cute, and won’t leaving us feeling B.R.O.K.E (what she say?) .

Luxuries layaway plan includes three equal monthly payments “and your dream accessory will be delivered to you upon your final payment.”

Is this making fashion affordable? Or finding an easier way for you to buy things you are told you need? Clever sales tactics versus fashionable responsibility? Ya know, the duty of every designer to work with wholesalers to make fashion affordable (that’s not right is it?).

There is the potential to make some extra dollars with this site (so money!). They promise up to “80% or more of the original price when you sell your handbag” to them.

I haven’t tried this site. I appreciate the fact that it was started by a woman whose had a pretty successful designer handbag site previously. The idea of capitalizing off of the “hidden equity” in handbags is simply genius.

–Finanshionistas, I think we may have discovered a new kind of asset.

Update your balance sheets!

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