Podcasts, and newletters, oh my!

 Photograph by Colleen AF Venable [via Flickr Creative Commons] GradMoneyMatters, a down to earth blog about the realization that “in the real world, money matters”, posted a great article titled, “20 Free Personal Finance Podcasts and News Sites“. Podcasts are great convenient ways to hear some of your desired materials. Think book on tape but cooler.

I decided to listen to one podcast every morning as I write my daily posts. Money Girl’s Quick and Dirty Tips for a Richer Life, hosted by personal finance author, entrepreneur, real estate investor, business consultant, and former corporate trainer, Laura Adams (who by the way is everything I want to be when I grow up) offers insightful info on topics like improving your credit score and Good Vs Bad Debt:

one quick and dirty rule of thumb for identifying whether a particular debt is good or bad is to ask yourself whether the debt is financing something that’s appreciating or depreciating in a value.

There’s even a free podcast from financial powerhouse Vanguard, entitled “Plain Talk Investing“. Feed the Pig speaks from a Piggy Bank reminiscing about when “we used to be friend”. I like the humor.

These are So Money sites so check them out and I’ll continue to post my recommendations as I listen and read.

Miss New Money OUT


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