“Your my latest, greatest…doodad”


I felt that if I made the picture really big, you’d understand. Look at those eyes and the little white toes. Everyone, meet Nibbles. He’s eleven weeks old now and by the far my latest and greatest doodad. A doodad, taken from Robert Kiyosaki’s Rich Dad, Poor Dad, is any unjust expense; something that doesn’t make you any New Money. Since I’ve yet to devise a plan for the pup that’s gonna make me some money, I’ve simply become smitten (You had me at hello).

He’s been a great addition. His plum sized bladder, barks and yelps(!) get me up and outta bed at 5:30 each morning (ahhh, nothing like beating the sun up!). His entertaining tricks and excitement at such a small apartment, keeps me at home (why spend money when you can watch a pup dream he’s running?) and not spending.

That’s So Money. But wait, is it wrong to use another living being as a financial tool? (He’s just so cute I don’t mind staying in) Don’t tell me it’s some kind of dog exploitation!

But the benefits have been noticeably significant. He has increased my future cost of living though. Currently, his only cost to me has been a vet visit, food and supplies. Come September, I will have to pay an extra $25/mo to house him in my new apartment. The periodic expenses are easily woven into to my budgets. But I didn’t account for the all the clothes !!


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