The Art of Networking

Ladies, can we talk?

Ladies, can we talk?

Everyone knows the immediate benefits associated with making new connections. Whether it be in your field or your friends, the art of meeting new people and forming foundational relationships is one of those “you never know” quirks of human society.


Just the mere mention of the skill can send mangers and college grads sweating to make a swift move towards the nearest exit. In any other setting, most people are good networkers. They ask questions and appear interested in what others have to say. I personally believe that some of the fear stems from the formality of it all.

But that’s just it. Networking doesn’t always have to be a formal affair. No bow ties required! When first meeting with a person, your objective should be, “how can I make myself valuable to this person?” This includes a multitude of different avenues one can explore.This also removes some of the pressure from you personally. You should be listening more than you are talking. Asking pertinent questions about what the person does and enjoys will reveal the places where you can get involved.

Setting mini event goals may help you break the ice as well. “I want to talk to at least three new people tonight”; “I will find five new customers this afternoon”. The threat of self-defeat may light a fire under that toosh!

I remember I went to a networking event and was so impressed by the turnout and the organization. Hosted at a luxurious women owned golf club with fancy linens and plush, green acres, I realized the value in even being associated with this organization. The company is Signature RED and I am still involved as a volunteer ’til this day. Signature RED is a creative services agency specializing in innovative and strategic marketing, advertising, and event planning services for enterprising women.

Its summer season is all about making connections. Legally Ambitious gathers a diverse group of women from various industries throughout the Philadelphia Metropolitan Area to ‘learn skills and make deals while stylin’ in heels’ . The perfect venue for any Finanshionista. It takes place at venues throughout Philadelphia and is a “five-month series of movie-themed networking events. Each event is designed to engage the attendees in different settings while equipping them with skills to help them progress in their professions”.

Check out this video from Networking 19102:


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  1. You newsletters are two things: informative and fabulous! Keep up the good work.

    — Finanshionista in the making ;o)

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