Livin’ for the Lifestyle

Is it the same as living for the money? As a kid, you usually dream about how you want your life to look when you get older. Fancy cars, fancy home, luxurious everything. At least I did. I was gonna be the black Malibu Barbie. At the time I had no idea where Malibu was but Barbie and Skipper made it look like THE place to be. I got older, watched more tv, read more books and magazines and saw how others where living. I still think that after grad school, I’ll be able to move back to NYC and be Carrie B.

Almost two weeks after college graduation and unfortunately I am no where near a flat in the City. I’m moving to a boulevard (a Boulevard?!?!) far away from the gum laden sidewalks of my hometown. And I’m taking on a live in mate, my boyfriend, to share in some of these dreaded expenses.

On my journey to spiritual wholeness (see what you missed!?) I picked up Joel Osteen’s Live Your Best Life Now (instant gratification).  In it he writes that a person should not be afraid to be a champion in life and move out of poverty, that the Lord doesn’t mind it.  In fact, that is what the Lord wants for you: to be better than those ancestors before you and to grow your wealth. I guess the Lord figures more for him right??? (Is that blasphemous?)

Anywho, the point I’m making is that I am conflicted. In a previous post I spoke on the finance-centric movement that is making its way across musical genres and down the streets of Wall Street. “I’m gettin’ money” is a classic reverence of many, both the rich and broke (a paradox in itself). From what I understand, it’s all about obtaining the more and more (greed) so you can buy nice things and live, what looks to be, a fabulous life.

Well I’d like to get some money.

And yes, it’s so I can buy stuff. But it is also so that I can live a financially free life. However, the two ideals do not follow the same paths.

But I shouldn’t feel guilty for wanting things and to want to live a better life. To steal a line from Bob Fosse and the cast of Chicago, “[I] can like the life [I’m] living [or I] can live the life [i’d] like”.  It’s kind of an “either/or” deal, isn’t it? Bummer…..


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  1. also happy to read-read blog
    always successful

  2. […] the same thing as losing $30. If you agree with me please proceed, otherwise please revisit ‘Livin’ for the Lifestyle‘ and check yourself! When it comes to making one of the biggest decisions in your lifetime, […]

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