Cease and Desist

While I would like to say that I filled my absence researching and scouring the Internet for the latest applicable solutions, but instead, loyal Finanshionistas,  I spent it studying, working and graduating with my Masters. For that I cannot apologize. However, also in my time outside of the blogosphere ™, I started a new business, created a great professional blog site for my youth internship (www.wesgoldfellows.com), made an expensive business investment without comprehensive research, watched that purchase go on sale and the revealing of a new model the very next day (hint, hint) and was scammed (oh, they were good)! But worst of all I made a not so smart financial decision during my time outside the country.

Needless to say, I made some unwise and un-fashionable financial choices that I must apologize for. One day soon, I’ll muster up the courage to reveal my ultimate mistake but for the time being, would you help me get back on track?

First things first, I organized all of my debt, for those balances simply fell by the waste side. What is it with vacations that make people feel they have to buy new stuff? Whatever it is, my urge to splurge completely took over and I am still working to turn off the spicket. I brought my balances back down to zero and removed my “so-not for emergency” credit card from my wallet. I also will be returning purchases this weekend; taking the dreaded walk to the “Returns” counter.

I also have put things into perspective now. I’m back to work full time, but I’m also looking for an apartment that my BF and I can comfortably but cheaply move into; I’m getting a new biz off the ground; student loans are gonna start to come knocking; and I want to buy a triplex that can generate some money (more on everything to come).

For now, though, I wanted to reconnect with my readers. There’s a lot coming my way. It’s promised to be a great transitional period, so stay tapped in and fabulous. Miss New Money is now a daily blog-site!


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