Obama’s ‘Save Ourselves Plan’

President Obama signed into law his new stimulus package and revealed his mortgage plan to match this week; both are suppose to provide some stability and curtail this slippery slide into a global recession. Not everyone was too happy about these plans. If you haven’t seen it, check out Rick Santelli from CNBC who called for a Chicago Tea Party (cucumber sandwiches anyone?).

I won’t go too much into detail now (yes, that means there will be a later) but in listening to Santelli’s outburst, I got to hear the other side of the story from people who don’t know of another way to fix things but are sure that this way, Obama’s way,  can’t be right. There’s talks of ‘handouts’ and the ‘undeserving’ benefiting from this plan: “Why don’t we all stop paying our mortgage? The government will bail us out!”. A bailout plan for individuals???

Obama’s plan reminded me of another fierce creature that walks amongst us, my fav, Miss Suze Orman, who launched her “Save Yourself Plan” over a year ago. I revisited her podcast on Oprah’s Best Life Week and really listened. When did we stop taking care of ourselves people? If you’re struggling financially now, think of how things could possibly have been if you saved more than you spent. Suze Orman, in response to an irate restaurant owner, mentioned that she has gone out to eat every night since the original broadcast of her appearance on Oprah, where she told people to stop eating out for a month.

I won’t speak in absolutes but I will speak to you, a wannabe finanshionista, when I say “Honey! Get your money right!” We need to take care of self, Save Yourself. There is nothing more liberating than knowing that you can take care of yourself when things are bad worldwide. Understand, that this crisis is affecting most. The top elite had their own scandal in Bernie Madoff (who btw stole $50B and still is living quite large-tsk.tsk.) and quite a few people fell from the top to broke overnight.

If you are like me, relatively recession proof (I was broke before the market tanked!), now is definitely the time to take advantage of the deals that may be present: interest rates, Suze Orman’s Save Yourself Plan, etc). And if you are not, and are being heavily affected by this crisis, stay strong and take positive steps towards recovery.

Next Week: “Beware of the knockoff: Fictitious Funds


Highlight of last nights Oscars (I Love musicals!):


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