Love Lockdown


Happy Valentines Day Everyone. Though it was yesterday, I feel compelled to continue to wish everyone both love and joy as they continue to pay for the activities that they were are a part of. Valentines Day is one of the biggest “unnecessary spending” holidays out there. Guys trying to impress gals. Gals trying to impress Guys. All accomplished on rented money. Did you use your credit card yesterday? If so, I hope you continue to love your significant other longer and harder than you are going to hate those interest payments.


I signed with a financial planner and her firm this week. A decision I am still questioning as whether or not it was the right thing for me do believe that building wealth will take a team of qualified persons with knowledge and expertise beyond my means. In the movie Baby Momma, Tina Feys boss (Steve Martin) complements her )and himself ) for a job well done and an idea well thought of and says: “That’s why I’m a genius…for hiring people like you!”. Rich Dad Robert Kiyosaki remembers his lesson on the importance of building a team and promotes them today in any avenue that he can. He partnered with his accountant Sharon Lechter to co-author his mega selling series Rich Dad, Poor Dad.

The company I went with has a long history and what seemed to be a dedicated field of international employees all hungry for success. My problem is that I have been my own money coach for such a long time that I am admittedly fearful of relinquishing control, of relinquishing my money into someone else’s hands. And for a fee nonetheless. But the benefits of a Team can be extraordinary.

For me, I had to realize that I no longer found the time to make those financial decisions that would bring me in the most bang for my buck. While I continued to save and invest, I didn’t have time to research stocks and companies. I lost track of the holdings in my Roth IRA and blindly committed my money.

At Miss New Money we (I) believe  that money travels in an Olympic row boat with an Olympian Team to crew. I’m just the sponsor. It constantly needs to be moving, rowing, working, earning me more money.  New Money. Investing without understanding was as if I pushed the boat out into the water and hoped the currents would be kind; that my boat wouldn’t crash.

I’m still nervous. But only time will tell.

Thirty Day Full Price Cleanse

Day 17: actually went retail shopping this week and I used coupons for the items that I purchased. I saved $75. I also walked away from quite a few items. Just because things are on sale or you have a coupon, doesn’t mean you have to buy. Putting two and two together, I actually saved much more by the stores selling ugly things! Thanks!

Total Savings to-date: $151.67


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