“Multitasking in the Power Bitch World”

To be or Not to be a Power B? That is the question...
To be or Not to be a Power B? That is the question…

I know! Excuse my language! But I finally caught up on last weeks Hills (guilty pleasure) and LC and Whitney’s Boss, Kelly of Peoples Revolution, said this when she asked a male model out to drinks for Whit. It just stood out as the perfect expression for a fashionista on the go.

I’m told that I do too much. I respond with, “well, what else should I be doing”. At times, I neglect my friends and family because I’m always running around, putting assignments and, I have to admit, Miss New Money (the site) before making that phone call home. It’s not that I like to be busy, it’s just that I get bored easily.

However, I do recognize that my life is not completely balanced. If I were to use a pie chart to describe where and what I spend the majority of my time on it would look like this:

With friends and family accounting for a measly 10%. An out of balance life, in my opinion, is a life unfulfilled. The problem is that I am convinced that a fulfilled life is one where you do everything you ever wanted to do. Remember yesterdays conversation about your relationship with money? Well, how important are your relationships with other things in your life? Like other peopple (your family, friends and spouses)? Or your work, both the place that employs you daily and the side work you do for yourself?

Its a random post today but still food for thought. So, think about it!


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