One Woman’s Junk is Another Woman’s Junk?

Hopefully all is well and you  had a fabulous weekend, despite the remnants of Tropical Storm Hannah rolling through the East Coast. While Saturday was the indoor Sex & the City, Chicago, Dreamgirls, Across the Universe, Chick-Flick Marathon, Sunday was an absolutely lovely day. And what a perfect day for a Hamilton Street Yard Sale!

My lovely new “NYC in Philly Flat” (that’s the cool name for ‘apartment’)is located on Hamilton Street and in such a welcoming neighborhood that holds yearly block long sales. Now when I say block, I really mean ten. All of Hamilton St was closed off with budding entrepreneurs )and junk salesman).

"Yea. I'm rich b***h"

The tactics ranged from minimal eye contact to actually physically touching me. One lady shouted the whole day “Make me an offer I can’t refuse”. Among others, there was the “the salesman is always right” salesman. And the snooty, “no one can afford my prices” salesman. I like to call those the “Pretty Woman” types, based off the film.

Just walking the block, seeing the value that people place on their items and the value that I placed on those same items, it got me to thinking about the relationships that people have with their possessions and their money. What kind of relationship would you like to have with your money? What role would you like it to play?

Would you like it to play the role of the indicator: “flashy, flashy, I obviously have money” Or, the role of the provider: “regardless of what I wear, or where I eat, I can afford all expenses, even the unexpected ones”. That role is based off the reclaimed book “The Millionaire Next Door” , where the authors Thomas J Stanley and William Danko discuss living on one third of your income.

I personally want my money to play the role of the employee and the opportunist. Meaning, I want my money to work for me and not the other way around and provide me the flexibility and ability to make more money through various investment opportunities. Remember Mailbox Money?

I think everyone has a very different relationship with their money currently. Look at the US Government as an example. Now I’m not one to get too deep into political issues, but I read. The US deficit (pay me my money!) is swiftly approaching $10 Trillion! What kind of relationship do you think that is? “Big baller, shot caller”. And unfortunately look at what has trickled down to the American people. We are a nation of wannabe big ballers. Pretty soon the US is going to be dodging the phone in fear of bill collectors.

Think about it.


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