Your Move

Yesterday, I moved. No one likes to move. it definitely brings out the ugly in people.

What's your next move?

What's Your Next Move?

Friends become enemies. Steps? Your worst nightmare. An hour into the process you’re already ready to give up and throw half your stuff away. Sorting, packing and trashing your life can stir up some memories you had completely forgotten. Like, I forgot I was a hoarder. Or I forgot I stashed old pics of ex’s in that box my boyfriend just dropped open on the floor. What’s the point here? The point is no one likes to moving.

But after the move, in the calm after the storm, my boyfriend asks me: “So what’s your next move?” At the time, I brushed it off and simply responded “I don’t know”. But after some time, I realized the importance of that question. As Bruce Lee will tell you and I believe Stephen Covey (author: Seven Habits of Highly Effective People) is that life and life accomplishments should continue…well, continuously. Continual Improvement will lead to an effective and accomplished individual.

What do I mean by continuous improvement? Well, it’s always topping yourself. We all know the expression “Been there, done that, bought the t-shirt”. Well first off, you should never buy the t-shirt. It’s tacky and cheap and feels how it looks. But you should challenge yourself. I now need to top myself. This past summer was quite an accomplishment but now I need to do more.

A great way to track your achievements (big and small) is to keep a portfolio. Mine is simply an old binder with clear inserts. In it I have pictures and newsletters that I wrote and any awards that I have gotten. Looking at it helps to keep me motivated. Continuous imporvement is not only for those who have been possessed by the entrepreneurial wind, but for everyone: young, old, employee or employer. Think about it.


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