Nostradamus of Financial Markets

After the awards ceremony, a woman that I regard with the utmost respect, came to me and said I am moved right now. You guys (referring to my boyfriend and myself) are f**king amazing”. She continued to ask me, “do you know what you have done? You just shaped the lives of eleven young adults. Has that set in yet?” Last night was a complete success and went off without any problems.

I once came across a quote, and I have no idea who originally said it but it goes like this: Success is when you add value to self, significance is when you add value to others”. I like this quote and move my life and life actions in the direction to ultimately become significant.

In other news, I recently came across and fell in love with Cash Flow the e-game. If you are not familiar with Cash Flow, it is a game whose tag line is :”The more you play, the richer you become“. The way you win is to bet out of the rat race, the mundane employee driven circle, and onto the Fast Track, where you buy businesses, vacations and ultimately your dream. It was created by the infamous Robert Kiyosaki, who has been dubbed the Nostradamus of Financial Markets. I personally think it’s the Lil’ Wayne Complex (he claims he’s the best rapper in the world), in that if you claim it, you are it. But I digress….His claim to fame is the entire Rich Dad, Poor Dad series where, through books and games, he simplifies financial concepts down to increasing your passive income or your mailbox money to the point where it is greater than your expense.

It truly is a fun and educational game. We played Cash Flow every week and the students actually created a millionaires club that they called, the Money Makers. The best thing this game can teach you is the flow of money between assets and liabilities and income (or cash flow) and expenses.

On the Rich Dad website, I was just informed that Mr Kiyosaki has a new soon to be bestseller called Increase your Financial IQ


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