Men buy toys while women buy joy

Well life is a little less interesting now that I don’t have an additional eleven high students to keep me young everyday. “Oh you girls, you keep me young“, as ‘cool mom’ from Mean Girls would say. It’s back to the ups and downs of an office job.

Tonight is the big night. The awards ceremony for the WesGold Fellows. My family is coming all the way from NYC and I’m very excited to see them. After running around all last night trying to find the perfect finanshionista outfit, in the end my boyfriend was the one to pull it all together. Don’t tell him I told you he picks out my clothes. I’m also trying to get him to write for the site. You know, money from a manly view.

Does money prefer a sex though? Does it pick and choose sides? How can the principles of management and money differ from male to female? Stereotypically, women will spend their money on material items usually relating to fashion in some way. Either an accessory or an outfit; something that makes them feel good about themselves. While men are pegged as electronic and device shoppers. They buy toys while women buy joy. But remember, women are the original money managers and money is green and ahuman creation‘ (thoughts I got from my boyfriend) so how can there be different rules for different people?

Let it marinate. It’s a short post today but I’ve left you with valuable food for thought. I’d love to here your responses at


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