Hello Lover

The past two weeks I have been without internet access in my home, where I get the majority of my work accomplished. This weekend I finally decided to purchase a wireless Broadband card from Sprint. And I’m back. It’s amazing how disconnected you feel from the world once you realize you don’t have internet access.

If I have not mentioned this before, here it goes now. I am a huge dog lover. Like for Christmas my beau got me a book of dogs and I loved it. It sits on my coffee table. Anyways, for fun I visit the animal shelter in North Philadelphia. This visit I definitely found the pup for me. Her name is Lover. How cute? I immediately turn to my beau and re-enact the Sex and The City scene when Carrie B. (Sarah Jessica Parker herself) stumbles on a pair of Louis Vuittons in a window display: Hello Lover.” But he didn’t get it. I stayed with her as long as I could and rationalized all the reasons to and not to get a dog. The nays won. So, if you just happen to be a finanshionista in need of a pup and you reside in N. Philly, please go save Lover.

In other news, one student mentioned the other day that they never knew that ‘regular‘ people could buy stocks. They all thought that the the buying and selling of shares was exclusively limited to the extremely wealthy, the rich. This is a travesty people. See, this is what I am always referring to. Children (and adults) that do not understand how money works, will never if they are not taught. Immediately, we had a discussion on ahow and why to buy stocks. I even showed them my portfolio on TD Ameritrade and showed them that it is possible and that I’ve made money through the financial principles that we have taught them.

Wednesday is the awards ceremony to honor their achievements. A friend, my beau and myself have discussed moving forward by establishing a Financial Literacy Organization. That would be one more thing on my plate but you know I am up for the challenge.
Thanks for reading. Questions or comments, feel free to email me at somoney@missnewmoney.com.


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