What a hectic week! I apologize sincerely to myself and to you, avid New Money readers. But my feet have not stopped moving since Tuesday. I feel like the running man, minus the false conviction and execution gauntlet/TV game show. This past week as been quite the experience. I met and spoke with the first lady of the city of Philadelphia, Mrs. Lisa Nutter; my phone was stolen while trying to shop for a fabulous suit; my class and I received VIP treatment at Merrill Lynch in NYC; we also visited the 60th floor of JP Morgan Chase (also in NYC); and was privileged to sit in and tour downtown Philadelphia were they are planning a major redevelopment project on one of the busiest streets out here. Talk about new connections and a much broader network within just one week. Oh and in the dead of summer (ok maybe the end) I have come down with a paralyzing cold. “Cough, cough”

When swiftly walking through the streets of downtown Manhattan, through narrow bends of Wall Street, you just smell the money. New, new money. Money that you’d think would be falling from above. Inside some of the corporate buildings, the elevators and restrooms match the lavish corporate boardrooms and work stations. Places I had forgotten about. Places that I used to only dream about what they’d be like when I finally got to see them in person. It reminded me that it was possible for me to accomplish all that I aim to do. And also that financial freedom is a necessity.

A lady I met briefly in searching for a location for the internships awards ceremony told me that “capitalism” wasn’t all that bad, that it was a system that needed to be understood and taught to all. It’s easy to get caught up when walking through these boardrooms, and say that it was all accomplished on greed and treachery by capitalistic jerks. Capitalism, in my eyes, is simply a system that can be understood and through it great things can be accomplished. The problem is that many do not understand this system and that only a handful out of Americas population do. And, it’s this handful of people, who control a significant amount of the countries money.

I had a little triumph or middle stone the other day. Remember I said that someone stole my phone while I was in the dressing room looking for a suit for the awards ceremony. Well, bummed as it was to be without my ancient phone, I actually wasn’t bummed at all. It’s never a nice feeling to have someone steal your things but the feeling of not being able to replace it is much much worse. This time (yes, I’ve lost my phone more than once) that feeling never came. You see, I have an emergency fund already in place. And I certainly would classify buying a new phone as an emergency.

I’m going to hold onto that little victory. Miss New Money: 2

I would also like to thank you, “so money readers“, and “finanshionistas” for reading and commenting on the blog. This is grassroots marketing and I appreciated your thoughts and your time. Of all the blogs out there, you have chosen mine (not really trying to rhyme here) and I sincerely thank you.


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