woo sa

to relax. When someone is really tense or frustrated, they just need to say to themselves “woo sa”

“Yo man, calm down, woo sa, woo sa.”

Courtesy of urbandictionary.com

Most will recognize the title of this post from many Martin Lawrence and/or Will Smith films. The repeating of the phrase “woo-sa” is suppose to calm the nerves and take you from a nervous state to a calming one Last night, the pressures of work/teaching, homework and learning, and posting all got to me. I needed a few “woo-sa’s” in my life. But while I was going through a mild panic attack, I was thinking about ways to distress and bring some sort of balance to my life. As I was listing all of the things that I don’t do, my beau reminded me to think more positive. Negativity and negative comments will only you bring you more stress and drag you down further. So, I came up with a list of things I (and so could you) could do when running rampant with my head cut off:

1. New Money phone home. It is so important that as people we have someone or a group of people to talk to who are not necessarily going through what you are. Meaning, I want an objective opinion or solution from someone not feeling my pain. My family, although thousands of miles away, has the ability to listen, relate and put me back on track. A lot of my ‘stressors’ and drive comes from the main thought that when I have ‘made‘ it, I will help my family in a multitude of ways, and I don’t want to let them down

2. Go for a daydreaming walk. Exercise, I now believe, is what is definitely missing from my life and making it easier for me to dwell and fall into a funk. I use to excercise everyday, whether it be at home or at the university’s’ gym. Now, I tried to relate the importance of excercise to humans like Cesar Millan of The Dog Whisperer would relate the urgency of excercise to a dog, but a few people got lost along the way. Cesar says that a dog craves excercise and a lot of it. So much so that the lack of it causes the dog to act out and be very disobedient as oppose to submissive. In the case of humans, excercise creates hormones that will make you happy and brings you more energy than usual and a whole host of other benefits.

3. Cook something. Because of this new schedule, I have not been exercising and I have been eating horribly. Take out and fast food has become of a part of my normal diet as oppose to something that should be eaten once in awhile. While cooking last night, half panicky, half sane, I was able to focus my energy on something larger than me. Not only was I cooking a meal for the night but for tomorrow as well; one to be shared by both myself and by friends who will come over to enjoy. Cooking is just the act of creating something from very raw materials. And not only does it look and smell good, but tastes wonderful as well. My three favorite senses are entertained!

4. Take your beauty rest seriously. Even if it means kicking your boyfriend or hubby out for a few nights, rest and sleep are two very important things that contribute to your mental health. Rest, is the act of laying your body down and de-stressing. Letting your body fully relax. Sleep, is the step above rest, when your body truly is re-energizing. Mess with the two and you’ve got trouble.

All in all, physical and mental health are the two driving forces for your success or failure. Take care f the two.


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