This one’s just right….

Renting is such a tease. I never did like to borrow. I’ve been renting homes for four years now. Each year a new location, new landlord and new person enters my pockets looking for their cut. To help ease the rent burden, I put a years worth of rent in a “Rent Expense” high interest bank account. That way, I make some money as my landlord pays down his mortgage.

At $650 a month, a years rent puts me at $7,800.00. If I placed that money in the a savings account with an interest rate of 2.3%, I could make a $180 profit in interest payments. Now, thats only if I have 7800 bucks to put away in the beginning of the year. Instead, I aim for a minimum of at least two to four months. I still end up on top. Banks: 0 Miss New Money:1.

Now that its approaching that time of the year (September, New Term, New Home), I am searching for a new apartment. I think I may have found the one today. Lots of space and it carried that “homey” feel I’ve yet to encounter in my previous apartments. Here’s the breakdown:

Monthly Rent: $725

For the year: $8,700 (jeez!)

Utilities: Cooking Gas and Electric

Now, currently my electricity runs me about thirty bucks a month and my landlord covers everything else including DirectTv and internet (it was a sweet deal). Not the case in the new one. SO I estimate gas and electric costing roughly around $5o/mo ($600/yr) and I know that I can get internet and a house phone (added bonus: can reduce the minutes on my cell phone, which means a cheaper monthly bill) for $50/mo (Cavalier) as well.

So I am looking at a monthly cost of around $825. This is an increase of $175. My new mission: creatively find a way to increase cash flow by that amount….


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