So Not Money

I met with my graduate advisor today to plan for the upcoming year and my last three terms at Drexel University. Countdown to graduation, June 2009. At the end of our meeting, not only did I walk away with a schedule that would frighten your best overachiever, but she reminded me of a meeting that was yet to be scheduled but was “oh so important in her eyes”. She said:

Her: “Now you still have to meet with the advisors in CAREER SERVICES“.


Pan out to full aerial view and you’ll find me with arms outstretched to heavens asking God “Why me, Lord”” Why??”

Her: “You do want to get a good job, right?”

Me: (thinking) “A job? But why? ”

To say the least, I was not prepared for that bombshell. I forgot that the whole institutional point was to go to school and get a good job. I just figured I would stay in school forever. FOR-EV-ER.

My disdain for a job comes from the probabilities of me (1) hating my job, (2) becoming too consumed in my position and being an employee for life (3) landing something monotonous and simply disliking the tedious things that come along with having a job. Like (not in any particular order):

  1. The automatic body schedule. You know the one that tells you it’s time to wake up at 5:30AM…including Saturdays.
  2. Leaving your identity in the elevator. When you work for Bossman, you represent the company. That’s odd. I thought I represented myself.
  3. Watching the clock for noon.
  4. Waiting in a lunch line at noon.
  5. Celebrating because it’s Friday. That also goes hand in hand with losing your mind and actin’ a fool because it’s Friday.
  6. Happy Hour. Can I just have a happy day instead?

Now a lot of this may go with having a job that you hate. Rich Dad, Robert Kiyosaki, calls people who work for others W.I.M.P.S., Where is my paycheck, sir? I don’t want to be a W.I.M.P. I want to be a W.I.N.N.E.R: With Investing, New Net Earnings Return…You can tell I made that up. And I am sorry. I want to be Miss New Money . And there is nothing new about monotony.


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