A Guiltless Affair

Chima, baby. Tonight I had a second encounter with my new favorite restaurant: Chima. It is a Brazilian steak house with an appetizing buffet. A gluttons paradise, let me tell you! They have the restaurant designed so that you feel casually comfortable but get the experience of a night out to eat as well. The major selling point is the variety and unlimited option of the meats, called Rodizio. They have everything.: sirloin, chicken wrapped in bacon, Pork Loin with Parmesan and el piece de resistance, Fillet Mignon. They provide each dinner with a round two colored plastic dish. Orange, means keep the food coming and black means stop.

The real kicker is that if you sign up for their mailing list, you essentially get a ‘buy one, get one’ deal. And let me tell you it helps. Now I would gladly pay full price (about $50/person). But not having to, is so money.

Now my frugal friend over at The Simple Dollar will tell you that it’s probably not worth the cost, that you could make this food at home for less. However, that all depends on how much you can eat. With your choice of top meat, you can cover the cost by choosing more variety.

Every now and then, a person, woman or man, deserves to be treated or treat themselves to a fine, non-stop, dinner. If your in the city of Philadelphia, stop by Chima. Don’t eat anything else before you go and print the coupon to eat cheaper. Only the uniformed pay full price. Now you know.


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