Nostradamus of Financial Markets

After the awards ceremony, a woman that I regard with the utmost respect, came to me and said I am moved right now. You guys (referring to my boyfriend and myself) are f**king amazing”. She continued to ask me, “do you know what you have done? You just shaped the lives of eleven young adults. Has that set in yet?” Last night was a complete success and went off without any problems.

I once came across a quote, and I have no idea who originally said it but it goes like this: Success is when you add value to self, significance is when you add value to others”. I like this quote and move my life and life actions in the direction to ultimately become significant.

In other news, I recently came across and fell in love with Cash Flow the e-game. If you are not familiar with Cash Flow, it is a game whose tag line is :”The more you play, the richer you become“. The way you win is to bet out of the rat race, the mundane employee driven circle, and onto the Fast Track, where you buy businesses, vacations and ultimately your dream. It was created by the infamous Robert Kiyosaki, who has been dubbed the Nostradamus of Financial Markets. I personally think it’s the Lil’ Wayne Complex (he claims he’s the best rapper in the world), in that if you claim it, you are it. But I digress….His claim to fame is the entire Rich Dad, Poor Dad series where, through books and games, he simplifies financial concepts down to increasing your passive income or your mailbox money to the point where it is greater than your expense.

It truly is a fun and educational game. We played Cash Flow every week and the students actually created a millionaires club that they called, the Money Makers. The best thing this game can teach you is the flow of money between assets and liabilities and income (or cash flow) and expenses.

On the Rich Dad website, I was just informed that Mr Kiyosaki has a new soon to be bestseller called Increase your Financial IQ


Men buy toys while women buy joy

Well life is a little less interesting now that I don’t have an additional eleven high students to keep me young everyday. “Oh you girls, you keep me young“, as ‘cool mom’ from Mean Girls would say. It’s back to the ups and downs of an office job.

Tonight is the big night. The awards ceremony for the WesGold Fellows. My family is coming all the way from NYC and I’m very excited to see them. After running around all last night trying to find the perfect finanshionista outfit, in the end my boyfriend was the one to pull it all together. Don’t tell him I told you he picks out my clothes. I’m also trying to get him to write for the site. You know, money from a manly view.

Does money prefer a sex though? Does it pick and choose sides? How can the principles of management and money differ from male to female? Stereotypically, women will spend their money on material items usually relating to fashion in some way. Either an accessory or an outfit; something that makes them feel good about themselves. While men are pegged as electronic and device shoppers. They buy toys while women buy joy. But remember, women are the original money managers and money is green and ahuman creation‘ (thoughts I got from my boyfriend) so how can there be different rules for different people?

Let it marinate. It’s a short post today but I’ve left you with valuable food for thought. I’d love to here your responses at

Hello Lover

The past two weeks I have been without internet access in my home, where I get the majority of my work accomplished. This weekend I finally decided to purchase a wireless Broadband card from Sprint. And I’m back. It’s amazing how disconnected you feel from the world once you realize you don’t have internet access.

If I have not mentioned this before, here it goes now. I am a huge dog lover. Like for Christmas my beau got me a book of dogs and I loved it. It sits on my coffee table. Anyways, for fun I visit the animal shelter in North Philadelphia. This visit I definitely found the pup for me. Her name is Lover. How cute? I immediately turn to my beau and re-enact the Sex and The City scene when Carrie B. (Sarah Jessica Parker herself) stumbles on a pair of Louis Vuittons in a window display: Hello Lover.” But he didn’t get it. I stayed with her as long as I could and rationalized all the reasons to and not to get a dog. The nays won. So, if you just happen to be a finanshionista in need of a pup and you reside in N. Philly, please go save Lover.

In other news, one student mentioned the other day that they never knew that ‘regular‘ people could buy stocks. They all thought that the the buying and selling of shares was exclusively limited to the extremely wealthy, the rich. This is a travesty people. See, this is what I am always referring to. Children (and adults) that do not understand how money works, will never if they are not taught. Immediately, we had a discussion on ahow and why to buy stocks. I even showed them my portfolio on TD Ameritrade and showed them that it is possible and that I’ve made money through the financial principles that we have taught them.

Wednesday is the awards ceremony to honor their achievements. A friend, my beau and myself have discussed moving forward by establishing a Financial Literacy Organization. That would be one more thing on my plate but you know I am up for the challenge.
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What a hectic week! I apologize sincerely to myself and to you, avid New Money readers. But my feet have not stopped moving since Tuesday. I feel like the running man, minus the false conviction and execution gauntlet/TV game show. This past week as been quite the experience. I met and spoke with the first lady of the city of Philadelphia, Mrs. Lisa Nutter; my phone was stolen while trying to shop for a fabulous suit; my class and I received VIP treatment at Merrill Lynch in NYC; we also visited the 60th floor of JP Morgan Chase (also in NYC); and was privileged to sit in and tour downtown Philadelphia were they are planning a major redevelopment project on one of the busiest streets out here. Talk about new connections and a much broader network within just one week. Oh and in the dead of summer (ok maybe the end) I have come down with a paralyzing cold. “Cough, cough”

When swiftly walking through the streets of downtown Manhattan, through narrow bends of Wall Street, you just smell the money. New, new money. Money that you’d think would be falling from above. Inside some of the corporate buildings, the elevators and restrooms match the lavish corporate boardrooms and work stations. Places I had forgotten about. Places that I used to only dream about what they’d be like when I finally got to see them in person. It reminded me that it was possible for me to accomplish all that I aim to do. And also that financial freedom is a necessity.

A lady I met briefly in searching for a location for the internships awards ceremony told me that “capitalism” wasn’t all that bad, that it was a system that needed to be understood and taught to all. It’s easy to get caught up when walking through these boardrooms, and say that it was all accomplished on greed and treachery by capitalistic jerks. Capitalism, in my eyes, is simply a system that can be understood and through it great things can be accomplished. The problem is that many do not understand this system and that only a handful out of Americas population do. And, it’s this handful of people, who control a significant amount of the countries money.

I had a little triumph or middle stone the other day. Remember I said that someone stole my phone while I was in the dressing room looking for a suit for the awards ceremony. Well, bummed as it was to be without my ancient phone, I actually wasn’t bummed at all. It’s never a nice feeling to have someone steal your things but the feeling of not being able to replace it is much much worse. This time (yes, I’ve lost my phone more than once) that feeling never came. You see, I have an emergency fund already in place. And I certainly would classify buying a new phone as an emergency.

I’m going to hold onto that little victory. Miss New Money: 2

I would also like to thank you, “so money readers“, and “finanshionistas” for reading and commenting on the blog. This is grassroots marketing and I appreciated your thoughts and your time. Of all the blogs out there, you have chosen mine (not really trying to rhyme here) and I sincerely thank you.



woo sa

to relax. When someone is really tense or frustrated, they just need to say to themselves “woo sa”

“Yo man, calm down, woo sa, woo sa.”

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Most will recognize the title of this post from many Martin Lawrence and/or Will Smith films. The repeating of the phrase “woo-sa” is suppose to calm the nerves and take you from a nervous state to a calming one Last night, the pressures of work/teaching, homework and learning, and posting all got to me. I needed a few “woo-sa’s” in my life. But while I was going through a mild panic attack, I was thinking about ways to distress and bring some sort of balance to my life. As I was listing all of the things that I don’t do, my beau reminded me to think more positive. Negativity and negative comments will only you bring you more stress and drag you down further. So, I came up with a list of things I (and so could you) could do when running rampant with my head cut off:

1. New Money phone home. It is so important that as people we have someone or a group of people to talk to who are not necessarily going through what you are. Meaning, I want an objective opinion or solution from someone not feeling my pain. My family, although thousands of miles away, has the ability to listen, relate and put me back on track. A lot of my ‘stressors’ and drive comes from the main thought that when I have ‘made‘ it, I will help my family in a multitude of ways, and I don’t want to let them down

2. Go for a daydreaming walk. Exercise, I now believe, is what is definitely missing from my life and making it easier for me to dwell and fall into a funk. I use to excercise everyday, whether it be at home or at the university’s’ gym. Now, I tried to relate the importance of excercise to humans like Cesar Millan of The Dog Whisperer would relate the urgency of excercise to a dog, but a few people got lost along the way. Cesar says that a dog craves excercise and a lot of it. So much so that the lack of it causes the dog to act out and be very disobedient as oppose to submissive. In the case of humans, excercise creates hormones that will make you happy and brings you more energy than usual and a whole host of other benefits.

3. Cook something. Because of this new schedule, I have not been exercising and I have been eating horribly. Take out and fast food has become of a part of my normal diet as oppose to something that should be eaten once in awhile. While cooking last night, half panicky, half sane, I was able to focus my energy on something larger than me. Not only was I cooking a meal for the night but for tomorrow as well; one to be shared by both myself and by friends who will come over to enjoy. Cooking is just the act of creating something from very raw materials. And not only does it look and smell good, but tastes wonderful as well. My three favorite senses are entertained!

4. Take your beauty rest seriously. Even if it means kicking your boyfriend or hubby out for a few nights, rest and sleep are two very important things that contribute to your mental health. Rest, is the act of laying your body down and de-stressing. Letting your body fully relax. Sleep, is the step above rest, when your body truly is re-energizing. Mess with the two and you’ve got trouble.

All in all, physical and mental health are the two driving forces for your success or failure. Take care f the two.

When I Grow Up…

When I first got my lovely and FREE ipod from Philadelphia Development Partnership (PDP), the first song that I downloaded was all to catchy “When I Grow Up” from Pussycat Dolls. If I knew how to post background music, I’d play it for you all. It’s my thing: cheesy pop songs. They keep me young. But in the song, lead singer, Nicole Schlerzinger (?), sings: “When I grow up, I want to famous, I want t be a star, I want to be in movies, When I grow up, I want to see the world, Drive nice cars, I want to have boobies!” Like I said it’s my thing, but I really took a liking to this song because it reminds me of the daydreams that I still have about what I want to be when I grow up. (I’m still working on the boobies)

Well yesterday, I moved one step closer to adulthood. I made my first payment on my non-deferred, subsidized, graduate school loan. In total, I currently have “good” debt of $6,000. “Good” debt is necessary debt; debt that will ultimately bring me more cash and more assets in the future. As oppose to bad debt: debt that brings me no cash and without an increase in equity (so not money). For example, a car loan could be considered bad debt.

My other student loans, are all on a deferred payment schedule, meaning I do not have to start paying it back until after I graduate. With subsidized loans, repayment begins within thirty days of signing on the dotted line. When I received the bill, it was sort of a pinch in the arm that reminded me that upon graduation I will have quite a large sum of money to pay back for an education that I will have already obtained.

I’d been avoiding this part of adulthood and in sense living and learning surreally (new word). One doesn’t necessarily think about the bill while going to class and living carefree. Now that I know Education Services was for real when they said they’d be back for their money, I have to work harder now, factoring that cost into my monthly expenses. I’ve already got a plan of action, that my beau reminded me of this past weekend. Who, btw, did an excellent job as a guest speaker at an education resource fair.

The plan is to make a thirteenth payment. Not only will I put this bill on automatic bill pay (especially because now I have active debt to repay in which timely repayment will boost my credit score: hello dream house!), but he reminded me about the thirteenth payment. No it isn’t a horror film remake, but it’s the payment that is going to decrease your principal, interest payments and ultimately your length of repayment time, saving you money once again.

But how can this be? Making a thirteenth payment strictly towards principal (the original amount you were lent) only, will decrease the amount of the original loan. For example, after twelve payments my loan balance is $5,050. If I make a thirteenth payment of $50, leaving me with a balance of $5,000, they (they being the education man) will only charge me interest on that amount not the $5,050. In addition, I am paying my loan down faster. Simple. I know. But personal finance does not have to be anything tricky or hard.

When I grow up….


Fear. Uncertainty. Doubt. It happens to the best of us. As a thriving finanshionista (and overachiever) at times I find myself questioning everything that I have worked so hard to get. What happens if I fail? Do I really what to do this? Fear sets in and I am uncertain and doubting myself. This is term that my Organization Behavior professor brought to the classes attention tonight and it fit.

I remember trying to join an organization that would have brought me new friends and an expansive network. The process was trying to say the least but something that I had been thinking about joining for years. Mid way through I convinced myself that this was not for me. I worried about the new people I would meet and honestly was quite scared. I expressed my feelings with my family and my sister aided in the self doubt that I cast upon myself. Everyday I would ask myself: Is this really something you want to be a part of?

I’d like to think that I am not one for regrets. There’s very few things that I actually wished I would have done differently. But this one may be on the list. Luckily, all hope is not lost and I will try again.

I find that females mostly find themselves victim to becoming F.U.D’s. The example my professor gave was a woman that worked and worked her way up her company’s organization latter and was promoted to manager. She ran rampant around the office: I’ll have to use a laptop. I’ve never done that before. I’ll have to manage people. What if I’m not good enough?” It got so annoying that her superior eventually told her to stop whining.

But ladies, why are we such FUDs at times? This also goes into a research article I am working on surrounding the topic of women and work and I found an interesting paper in which the author notes that women attest their success in the workplace to serendipity, luck and being at the right place at the right time. While men, will loudly state that they just worked hard.

Ladies, lets remove the fear, uncertainty and doubt from our goals, whether they be work related or self fulfilling. I believe that my brain is not going to construct an idea that I can not follow through on seeing as how it is the most powerful tool one has.

Enjoy your weekend. Do something that you’ve been fearing or doubting your ability to do.

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