The wind that blows the Entrepreneur

Feel the breeze. Last night I attended the Prudential Young Entrepreneurs Award Ceremony. PYEP is a program that I was involved in maybe two years ago. It teaches students all the basics and complexities about starting a successful business. It was a great program. And to think of it, the Program Director is directly responsible for everything that I am doing now. Oh networking!

The keynote speaker was a Mr Sulaiman Rahman ( pronounced Sue-la-mahn Rah-mahn). He is the most successful thirty-two year old African American man that I know, and one of the “10People under 40 to Watch in 2008”, as reported by the Philadelphia Tribune. He is the founder of a site I frequent, a site responsible for the majority of my network, www. He spoke on the tools necessary for an entrepreneur to succeed at their endeavors.

Reminiscing, he first reminded us of the aweful and “breathtaking” feeling of being broke. How, when broke, there is always “more MONTH at the end of the MONEY”. And boy could I relate! I really look up to Sulaiman. He is just an inspiration to me And how important it is to surround yourself with inspirational people! “Inspiration is contagious”, in a good way.

As an entrepreneur it is so important to get out there or put yourself out there. Remember the old adage: “It’s not what you know but who you know”? Update that to “It’s not what you know, nor who you know, it’s who knows YOU“! I go to at least one social networking event once a week. It should be more! As I am putting myself out there I am learning more and more the importance of having a viable ‘network‘, people that are either movers and shakers in their line of work or simply people that you know can connect you with others. Every conversation with Sulaiman he directs my efforts towards a new person, further expanding my network.

This is step one through infinity. An entrepreneur can never have “too large of a network”. Another friend of mine, Miss Kimberly Reed of Reed Consulting Group and Kim Speaks! (whom I connected with because of an event sponsored by Urban Philly), divides her network into three categories:

1)Personal: Your friends and family. People you send the chain emails to!

2) Social: Your associates from school or coworkers. People who will still connect you with others, but from time to time you may send them a chain letter.

3) Professional: These are those you do not send your chain emails to! These are the meet of your network. They can connect you to the most people and may even become your mentor. When promoting or seeking business advice, this is the list you would turn to.

I actually applied this immediately to my Gmail contacts and it has helped in terms of organization. When I have a question or need to promote I turn to one (if not all) of these lists. Build your network. Before anything else comes into play. This is your foundation and will ease your entreprenurial woes from time to time.


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  1. Nice Article On Social Networking ! Thank you for keeping up the good work. I look forward to returning to your Social Network space, and learning more about Business Social Networking from you !

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