Finanshionistas Unite!

The other day I introduced a term to be added to every females vocab: ‘finanshionista‘. Now I apologize for all of those who were lost at first but have no fear. A finanshionsista (pronounced fi-nan-shun-knee-sta) is a female ( or male, why not?) that possesses the following qualities:

1) Unique personal style that many emulate but few capture the essence that is you

2) Frugally fashionable. Ladies we are taking back this word ‘frugal’. It is nothing to be ashamed of. It has gotten a bad connotation attached to it over the years but frugal can mean something so chic like ‘I never pay full price for anything’. Full price does not equal fashionable. But I digress…

3) Just as concerned as you are with your wardrobe you are even more concerned with your money, honey.

4) You believe that you can have it all: Manolos and mutual funds.

5) You love the character Carrie from Sex & the City, but secretly think she is ‘wildin’ for living way out of her means to afford it. Living paycheck to paycheck, in reality, is not that glamorous.

6) In line with #5, new money (and a new pair of “Oh my lordy!” shoes) makes you say: “Hello Lover….” (Am I alone on this one?)

7) You are passionate about creating what I like to call ‘mailbox money’. It’s the checks that you pick up from the mailbox along with Falls Victoria’s Secret catalog (who by the way has stepped up their game this Fall).

The list is a work in progress. For now, all of my aspiring finanshionistas, this is a good start. The combination of finance and fashion just encompasses the love I have for both. Finance has this connotation of being uptight, older females in stiff pant suits and a corporate cubicle. While fashion is exciting, new and ever changing. Well I work to make the two co-exist. My two loves can play nice together and help each other improve. Don’t ya think so?


4 Responses

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  2. […] is a hard pill to swallow. A Lexus would have been a silly choice. At least there is the potential to make New Money with option ‘b’ and ‘c’. If I had purchased real estate, I’d be looking at some appreciation and equity buildup as well as five years of mailbox money. […]

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  4. […] and skirts are classified as genres of clothing you should be purchasing as an investment. But finanshionistas alike shop for style and sales; we mix and match the highs with the lows, combining high fashion […]

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