Splurge or Save? End of the season miracle

So my posts this week are going to be a little out of sync. I always start the week off with a women of inspiration, someone inspiring the ladies to hold onto their finances… but I’ve suffered from a horrible case of time mismanagement. I went home to the NY this weekend only to return to the iladeph with a ton of homework and all around errands to run. So here I am typing away at 2:30 in the morning knowing full well that I need to be alert and teacher ready in six hours. Thank the lord for TAB. What’s even worse is that I am typing on my boyfriends computer, if you can even call it that. A few months back he dropped his lovely eight pound Dell on the floor only to shatter the LSD in a million liquid pieces. So now I type on the keypad and look on a monitor that been connected to the laptop. So I’m using half a laptop and half a desktop. It’s ALIVEEEE!!!!!

Wonderful News

While window shopping in NYC I wandered into Express Fashion. Now I haven’t personally shopped at this store in months because the items they were pushing were poorly made with light and, I’ll say it, cheap fabrics and the final price tag, I believe, was a 150% markup. There was no way I was going to pay what they were asking.

However, this visit to Express was different. It was their end of the season sale and majority of the items were marked down with an extra twenty percent off. I’m in the process of building my professional wardrobe so I thought I’d look around.

What I happen to stumble upon is a baby doll floral print 100% silk strapless dress (show here).

Fashion Miracle

Fashion Miracle

This picture was taken maybe a month ago, when I first saw the dress on the website and rushed to store to make it my graduation outfit. Only to be terribly disappointed. The fit was fabulous but the price tag said $128.00 (not so fabulous).

Though on the sale rack, the dress was to physically marked down. I asked a sales rep and they pushed some buttons and searched the database for a current price. The sales associate comes back with a sullen look on his face and mumbles some numbers to me. “excuse me. I couldn’t here you. It sounded like you said the dress was marked down to $39.99”. Then he said the best news of the day, “It is!”.

I thought I was being duped. That I was on some twisted hidden camera show. I immediately grabbed the dress and dashed to the register before anyone could say “Sike! Your on candid camera!” While in line I noticed that the belt on the dress had a merely visible pull on the fabric. Barely noticeable to the naked eye but definitely noticeable to the savvy shopper. That right there was another 10% off (so money). “But you can not return the dress”, says the cashier. “Return this dress! NEVER!!!”

Final Cost

Due to a calculation error on the part of the cashier (stay in school kids) on top of the extra 20% off of already reduced items, I got another 20% off for the pull on the dress (remember, it should have been 10%) for a grand total of …..drum roll please….. $25.61! SO MONEY!!!

So in the end, I saved myself from splurging by simply waiting. Hey! We may be on to something here!

******BTW, it is my birthday tomorrow! Wish me wishes!!!******


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