Copying the look of SJP is no problem with Bitten. In keeping with the lady of the week (Sarah Jessica Parker), I decided to showcase two budget friendly outfits from Bitten, SJPs new clothing line exclusively at Steve & Barry’s: one for work/interview and another if you’d like to look like Miss SJP herself. She’s SO Money!

For this look, I chose a casual striped sweater; Fitted jeans that can be rolled up to a cuff; A hoodie and decorative flats. With each piece costing $8.98, that’s a grand total of $35.92!

For work or for your very important interview, you can still looked put together and professional without having to ask for an advance. Always double check as to what the appropriate work attire consists of. If working in an office, for example, look at the style of dress of the executives or others whose positions you strive towards.

The Downside

Most fashionistas will tell you that with the price tag comes along a level of quality and the lower the price, the lower the quality. I personally purchased a few items within this collection. And while I have returned a few things due to fit, I have yet to encounter an issue with quality.

To buy or not to buy

I wouldn’t suggest filling your entire wardrobe with Bitten. But I would shout that gathering a few items here and there can help complement pieces already in your wardrobe and at a great price too.

What did you decide?

If you have ever purchased a Bitten item, post the results! Even better, take a picture of your faboulously frugal outfit and you could be chosen as a financially fit woman. Email me at

***Update:”Despite SJP’s successful Bitten collection, Steve & Barry’s will close more than 100 stores due to severe financial trouble.”


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