I’ve been “Bitten”

Every Monday, I like to showcase women that I consider to be a “financially fit woman”. To be a candidate she has to have contributed to the movement of being a smart, savvy and fabulous woman. This week, as I was browsing through the isles of Steve & Barry’s, fresh off of seeing my best girl pals over forty: Charlotte, Miranda, Samantha and, of course, Carrie, I stumbled across the perfect black cocktail dress. Perfect for summer, it was a classic A-line design with petite bow cinched around the waist for $8.98. “Fashion you can afford to love”, read the banner sprawled across the wall with Sarah Jessica Parkers quirky smile below.Sarah Jessica Parker Puzzled

Bitten, the new affordable and stylish line from Sarah Jessica Parker, was created with the idea that “it is every woman’s inalienable right to have a , pulled-together stylish, confident wardrobe with money left over to live“. As a woman, isn’t that all we ask for?

As I left the store, I couldn’t help but realize that the purchases that I made were smart decisions and I didn’t have that sense of guilt that comes with certain purchases of mine; guilt that usually results in me dragging my heels back to the store and returning my impulse buys.

Oh it was liberating and I wondered how I could apply this feeling of “stylish freedom” and make it work in my quest towards “financial freedom”. And that’s what Miss New Money is all about. I believe SJP when she speaks of inalienable rights of style and financial freedom. Check out the other posts on the site or subscribe through email! Join me as a reigning finanshionista!


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  1. Interesting post!! I too like to wear cool dresses!!

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